Snow Kiting Shop

Snow kites from Ozone and HQ. Kite Snowboards by Ozone and Liquid Force. Snowkite harnesses and snowkite helmets. The best snowkite gear on the planet. 
Foil Kites
Ozone is leading the industry in Foil kites. The standard has been set high. Whether on land or snow the Foil kites will definitely get you moving when you can't be on the water.
Trainer Kites
Trainer kites that work well for snow kiting, and designed to teach you how to fly the kites. Prepare you for a larger more powerful Snow Kiting Kite.
Protective Gear
The Ozone Nutshell helmet is a must have. Always be sure to protect yourself when involved in action sports. This sport lends itself to a certain element of danger and you need to protect yourself accordingly.
Snowkite DVD's
DVD's specifically about snowkiting, including both instructional and travel stories.
Snowkite Harnesses
Ozone harnesses are specifically made with snowkiting in mind. Designed to be worn with ski pants and a ski jacket, to fit right and work with the pull generated from snowkiting. Ozone kept it light and simple with high quality materials.