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Happy Halloween 
We would like to wish everyone a happy Halloween.  To celebrate one of our favorite holidays we are offering up some scary good deals.  Now is the time to stock up and get that new kite or board you have been waiting for. 
Remember many of these deals end Monday and we only have one or two left on many of the items so jump on these deals fast.

Any Questions?  Give us a Call 361.883.1473

MINT Condition Demo Kite Sale:
The kites below have all been used 1 time or less and are in such perfect shape we guarantee you will not even be able to tell they have been used.  All still covered under full warranty.
Click Here to check out all of our Demo Kites

2011 Switchblade

10m / 11m
Starting@ $949 was $1749
2011 Crossbow

9m / 10m / 13m / 16m
Starting@ $999 was $1999 
 2011 Naish Park

7m / 8m / 9m / 12m / 14m
Starting@ $819 was $1699
2011 SS Turbine

 $1449  was $2149

Brand New Kites on Closeout:

2011 Slingshot Rally
8m Complete (2 LEFT)
Starting@ $1129
was $1649
2010 Slingshot RPM
10m (2 LEFT)
Starting@ $999
was $1679
2011 Liquid Force Envy
5m7m / 15m
Starting@ $798
was $1699
2011 Airush Varial
10m / 11m
Starting@ $749
was $1539
 2010 Slingshot Octane
7m Complete
Starting@ $599 was $1679
 Slingshot Key
7m Complete
Starting@ $599 was $1449
Wainman Boss 12m
Starting@ $1049
was $1649
Wainman Big Mama 15m
Starting@ $1175
was $1775

Kiteboard Blowout:
2011 Wainman Joke
DEMO 134x 40cm
Starting@ $599 was $737
2011 Slingshot Misfit
Starting@ $549 was $649
2009 Airush Converse
Wood 6'0"
$499 was $899
2011 CF Raptor Demo 132x39cm137 x 41cm
$599 was $714

2011 NPX Cult Springsuit L/S
 $89.99 was $109.99
2011 Dakine Sonic

$59.95 was $149.99
2011 LF Luxury 3.0

$119.95 was $159.99
PKS Aluminum Shaft Pump 15"
$19.95 was $29.95

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