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It's Powder Time!!!!!

While the temp's are plummeting all over the U.S., snowkite season is just starting to reach it's peak.  Amazingly we even got a huge ice storm all the way down in Corpus Christi!  We have all of the top snowkites, harnesses, and kite specific jackets to make sure you get the most out of every session.  Ozone snowkites are now fully stocked and waiting to hit the slopes.  We have every size of Access, Frenzy, and Manta in the shop.  This snow won't be around forever so get the best gear now and make the most of it. Not sure what kite will work the best for you?  Give us a call or shoot over an email.  Getting you set up on the perfect gear is what makes us happy.
Call 361-883-1472
  Deal of the Week: 
2010 Hyperflex Amp
4/3 or 3/2
For those crazy kiters out there still in the water we have some of the top 2010 suits for a fraction of the price.  Grab one now.  Qty is limited.
SAVE $80.00
Starting at $149.99 was $229.99  
New Product Video Review
Ultra Nectar Snowkite Jacket
This jacket was specially made for snowkiting with a closeable slit so you can wear the harness under the jacket and tons of other features. 
[Click here to check it out]
Click videos tab
  Snowkite Events!!!
The biggest snowkite events are just aruond the corner.
2011 SnowKite Masters
-Skyline, Utah : March 4th-6th
Dillon Snowkite Open
-Dillon, CO : Feb 10th-13th
Kite Soldiers 2011 NAST Champ.
-Fairfield, ID : Feb 24th-27th
2011 Ozone Manta 
In Stock Ready 2 Ship!!!
Main Points:
Advanced Riders - Specifically designed for advanced and pro level riders

Fast Turning - Makes looping the kite to get up the mountain less work.

Huge Lift - Great for big jumps and soaring

Fast Forward Speed
- if you have a fast riding speed, this kite will get you upwind, uphill or just about wherever you want faster.
Click Here then click the videos tab to see the Frenzy in Action
2011 Ozone Frenzy
In Stock Ready 2 Ship!!
Main Points:
Advanced/Intermediate Riders
- A great all-around design for Intermediate to Adv. riders

Fast Turning - Makes looping the kite to get up the mountain less work.

Good Lift - Great for big jumps and soaring

Stable - concentrate on riding without worrying as much about the kite.


Click Here then click the videos tab to see the Frenzy in Action 
  2011 Ozone Access XT
In Stock Ready 2 Ship!!!

Beginner through Advanced -
 The best option for any beginner, and a great high wind small kite for advanced kiters

Medium Turning Speed - Fast enough to do what you want without needing to worry as much about the kite.

Stable - the most stable snowkite out there

High Winds - The 4m and 6m are the kites of choice for the ozone team when the winds are too much for anything else. 


Click Here then click the videos tab to see the Montana in Action 

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