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Deal of the Week:
Fixmykite ER Repair Kit
SAVE YOUR SESSION!!!  Get the latest repair kit that has all the essentials to do a quick repair of just about anything and get you back on the water.
 $49.95 was $69.95
  Video of the Week:
Naish Meet Up Down Under
Check out the latest installment from Naish Kiteboarding TV.  Super high quality footage in some of the best flat water you will ever see.   [click to watch]
  Product Watch: 2011 Ozone C4
Finally!!! All sizes in stock, ready to ship.  For everyone waiting the 2011 C4 is finally here and waiting for you throw down something crazy. C-kite like turning with all the depower you need.  [click to watch]
Get your gear tuned up and fixed RIGHT ////
Don't Let This Be You!!!
We know for many of you the season is just getting into full swing.  Down in Corpus the wind has been cranking for weeks. Now is the time to make sure your gear is in tip top shape and tuned just right for you.  Whether it is patching up some small cuts or adjusting your line length to perfectly match your riding style we have all the little parts and pieces you need.  Don't let a small problem turn into something big, get it fixed right now and maximize this Spring. Look below for some of our top products to keep you on the water.  Have a major problem your not sure what to do with?  Send it into and let the pro's handle it.  They offer guaranteed for life repairs and have the fastest turnaround in the industry.

Ronstan Orbit Block Kite Pulley
We have seen several cases of broken pulleys wearing down and breaking bridle lines.  Not only can this create a annoying swim in but can also be dangerous as many kites will spiral out of control after a bridle line breaks. The new Ronstan Orbit Block Kite Pulley is way stronger with a 1200 lb rating.
We can make custom attachments for any kite brand!
Ronstan Orbit Block Kite Pulley
Only $12.00

Click Here
see how it works 
PKS Line Extensions
Line Lengths can have a huge impact on how your kite performs.  Longer lines will give your kite a longer power stroke and work better in light winds.  They can also be a big help when there are obstructions upwind, because it gets you kite higher and into cleaner air.  Shorter lines can be a blast, especially in strong winds.  The kite will feel way faster, kite-loops will be more extreme, and it is easier to get the kite to stay up with your turns when wave riding.  We can make line extensions at ANY length, or even cut your lines and turn them into extensions so you have some options. 
Starting at only $29.95
 Microhook Braiding Tool:
 Fix a Broken Fly Line!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This neat little kit comes with everything you need to fix a broken fly line while at the beach.  This is a must have for anyone traveling or is just a sweet little tool to have on hand.  If you don't need it one of your friends probably will.  Great way to earn a free beer at the end of a day:) 

Microhook Braiding Tool: Get Free Beer
Only $12.00 
Click Here
see how it works! Sleeving Kit
We have had many people ask us what they need to do about worn out sleeving ends or a broken line that's close to the end.  Using the Sleeve Kit you can easily replace your sleeved ends or shorten your fly lines and re-sleeve them anywhere you are to get you back on the water in no time.
Microhook Braiding Tool: Get Free Beer
Only $7.99

Click Here
see how it works 
 PKS Kook Proof Pigtail Set
This pigtail set actually prevents wear on your fly-lines.  PKS Kook-Proof Pigtail Sets are complete 8-piece sets, set up in kook-proof fashion with different colors for inside and outside lines, and pre-set knots and pull-tabs for ease of use.  We recommend replacing your pigtails at least once a year or whenever they start to show wear. 

PKS Kook Proof Pigtail Set
Only $24.95
was $29.95 
Click Here
see how it works!

 PKS Universal Pigtails 
Just want to replace your pigtails?  PKS is the only brand we have found that makes high quality replacement pigtails without spending a fortune.  These pigtails are made from the same exact material that all of the manufacturers use so why spend so much when you could buy them for a reasonable price????  It is always a good idea to have a set of four of these on hand just incase one starts to wear or breaks. 
*Universal: Can be used as a knot or a loop

PKS Universal Pigtails
Only $6.00
Click Here
see how it works!
 PKS Pulley Savers (includes 4)
Pulley Savers are designed to be a very simple way to back-up your bridle system and keep your wing shape from being compromised should a pulley break in flight.  The pulley saver simply attaches around the pulley and bridle line to keep them attached in the event the pulley breaks during flight.   

PKS Pulley Savers: Ride in, Not Swim in
Only $8.00

Click Here
see how it works! 
Replacement Bridle Line
Replacement Dyneema Kite Bridle line works for any standard bridle setup.  Rated for use as a kite bridle.

This bridle line is for use with Inflatable water kites, or Snow / Land Foils.  Order with a loop on one end, both , or no loops.  One great idea is to order a couple of bridles with loops on one end so you can simply cut the bridle down to the length you need and make a knotted loop.  These are great to have on hand just incase one breaks. 

Replacement Dynemma Kite Bridle Line
Only $2.50 per foot 
add loops for $3.00 each

Click Here
see how it works! Tuff Bladders
and Self Stick Valves

Fixmykite makes the tuffest bladders and valves around.  Bladders are made from the same material that the manufacturer uses making for an easy and durable fit.  Self Stick valves are super easy to use, simply peel and stick.

Click Here
see how it works!

 Ripstop Kite Sail Tape
Repair small cuts in your sail fast and easy.  Even the smallest of cuts can rip open when the sail is loaded while hitting the water or just from the forces of riding.  This is the main cause of just about every major sail blow out we have seen.  You can even see exactly where the small rip was before the blowout (large rip going from top to bottom of kite sail) occured.  This can be easily prevented by placing a piece  of sail tape on both sides of a cut.  No sewing necessary, simply make sure it is clean and dry and stick it on.  The BIG advantage of this tape over other tapes and repair products is you can take it off if the cut or tear needs to be professionally sewn.  Non-Permanent

Click here for more info and Instructions on use

Ripstop Sail Tape
Only $0.65 a foot or $15.00 a roll

 Dacron Kite Repair Tap
Dacron Tape should be used to repair all cuts in the leading edge and stuts of a inflatable kite.  The dacron tape will provide the strength needed to repair small cuts without creating a huge mess to undo later if you decide to get the repair done professionally. The BIG advantage of this tape over other tapes and repair products is you can take it off if the cut or tear needs to be professionally sewn.  Non-Permanent

Click here for more info and Instructions on use

Ripstop Sail Tape
Only $0.50 a foot 


 Tear Aid Patch: Type A
These patches are the only thing we have found that seals small holes and cuts in L.E. and Strut bladders and actually lasts.  Another item you should always have a couple on hand just incase.

1.  Clean off area to be repaired with an alchohol swab.
2.  Spread out bladder and remove all wrinkles
3.  Place Patch over leak making sure to not allow and wrinkles

Tear Aid Patch: 6" x 3 1/4"
Only $3.00 per patch 

 Kite Repair Kit: Fix-Kit
The kite repair kite by includes everything you need to do an emergency repair on your kite.  Includes all of the tapes discussed above. This kit is essential for any kiteboard trip. 
Fix-Kit includes:
-1-Bladder patch (6"x 3 1/4")
-2 ft. 1" wide clear sail tape
-1 ft 1" wide black sail tape
-1 ft 2" wide clear sail tape
-1 ft 1" wide white dacron tape (Leading edge)
-1 ft 1" wide black dacron tape (Leading edge) Fix-Kit
Only $12.00
PKS Ultimate Fix-Kit: The Ultimate Travel Repair Kit
 The PKS Ultimate Fix-Kit includes just about everything you need to fix your kite, lines, harness, board, and footstraps.  All packaged neatly in a nice Dakine travel case so you are ready to go on your next kite adventure.  Includes: Sewing all, 2 Tear Aid Patches, Dakine Cool Tool, 2 Leader/Bridle line sets (8ft), 2 feet 2" Clear Sail Tape, 2 feet 2" Black Sail Tape, 4 Universal Pigtails, 2 feet 3" Dacron White, 2 feet 3" Dacron Black, 1 pair Scissors, 2 feet 1" clear sail tape, 2 feet 1" black sail tape, 1 Cool Tool, Sleeving Kit (4 Sleeves + Tool), 2 pulleys.

PKS Ultimate Fix-Kit: The Ultimate Travel Repair Kit
Only $99.00
 Kitefix Complete Kitesurf Repair Kit
This repair package contains all you need to make permanent repairs. Hand assembled in Canada with high quality products, KiteFix’s repair kit is a must to be added to your equipment. Includes: 1 Glufix tube (1 oz.), 2 self-adhesive dacron rolls (Black & White, 5’ each.), 7 Fiberfix tapes (4’ each), bladder ultra-adhesive patches (3’’x 7’’), 1 Peel2Fix valve repair system, 1 Talkine bottle (3 oz.), 1 Glufix applicator, 3 tie raps, 1 detailed user’s guide, 1 pair of scissors, 1 plastic bag, 1 kitefix sticker. All put together in an airtight plastic container.
Kitefix Complete Kitesurf Repair Kit
Only $54.99

Click Here
See how it works! 

 Kitefix Mini Repair Kit
The mini-kit is our compact and economical package. Includes: 1 Glufix tube (1 oz.), 2 self-adhesive dacron stripes (black & white, 12’’), 1 Fiberfix tape (4’), bladder ultra-adhesive patches (3’’x3 ½”), 1 Glufix applicator, 1 detailed user’s guide, 1 brush, 1 KiteFix sticker
Kitefix Mini Repair Kit
Only $28.99

Click Here
See how it works! 

Chicken Loop Line: 1/4" or 3/16"
1/4-inch OR 3/16-inch Spectra Replaceable Chicken loop line. This is the standard for replacing your chicken loop rope. Super durable 2000 lb test. Save the swim in.

Chicken Loop Line: 1/4" or 3/16"
Only $1.75 per foot

 Sewing Awl: Harness Repair
A Sewing Awl works great for harness repair or even to fix a busted footstrap.  Can sew through thick tough material and make a fast, durable repair.  This has saved us on trips after a harness blew out from one too many uses.

Click here for instructions

Sewing Awl
Only $14.99

Used Kites - Give us a call at 361-883-1473
Note: All used kite sales are final. No returns or exchanges.

2007 Liquid Force Havoc 14M, VERY good condition, hardly used, no repairs, complete, Blue/white/black, $300-350
2008 Best Waroo, complete, good condition - Pink/Black $400

2010 Slingshot Octane 9m Demo Complete - Only used once, PERFECT Condition $824.50

2008 Slingshot Rev1 13M, still decent condition.  Not crispy, but not warped or cracked much. just soft and worn.  some sail repairs we did, we have pics if needed.  Black/LightBlue/Gray, $350
2008 Best Waroo 9M KITE ONLY, w/new pump.  2x small LE repaired professionally.  Good sail material  Yellow/black $300
2010 Ozone Edge 13M, Excellent condition, used 9-10 times.  Green/Gray/White $1299.00
Best 2008 Kahoona 13.5M, pretty good condition,  repair on the Bladder.  Yellow/Black, $550.00 

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