Crazyfly 5cm Razor Fins, Clear (set of 4 w/ screws)
Crazyfly 5cm Razor Fins, Clear (set of 4 w/ screws)

Price: $79.95

These Crazyfly 5cm fins are Razor sharp. They are designed with a very thin profile to cut easily through water, prevent drag, make the board faster, and weigh less than fins made from G-10. Razor fins also provide flex in the tips, which allows for comfortable carving and transitions. Crazyfly Razor fins are made from DuPont high quality polymer filled with fiber glass fibers. Lots of R&D has been put into the invention of this incredible material which is also used in aerospace technologies and provides extreme durability, light weight, and superior strength.

These Razor fins are clear blue with white printing.

Comes with screws

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different response than G-10

crazy4kites - 3/28/2013

I have the LTD fins, but I think they're the same except color. I posted this on that review, too, since they work the same.

For me, I see the beauty of these fins, and I actually feel the difference when I edge hard. They're lighter and thinner, allowing for great speed through the water with less drag, and they're thin enough that they actually flex and respond when edging hard, like the honey-comb fins they put on surf boards. I have heard if you're in a rocky-bottom area like river/lake shore they'll ding up easier, but for the ocean, they're great. And I've read that Loctite will melt them, but i've had no problem with mine without Loctite. I just think they're cool, see through but really different feel and features too when put to the test.

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