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Naish 2014 Trip Kiteboarding Kite 10m
Naish 2014 Trip Kiteboarding Kite 10m

Price: $999.00


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The Naish Trip is an innovative, no strut design that has been designed to be a compact kite convenient for traveling. It's lightweight, simple and continues the idea of a user-friendly, fun kite.

It is ideal for intermediate to advanced riders who want one compact kite for traveling, freeriding, wave riding and snow kiting. The Naish Trip packs up 30% smaller than a kite with struts.

This no-strut design has incredible low-end power and excellent bar feel for effortless jumping, wave riding, and cruising. The Trip is light in the air and the lift generating centrer section of the canopy allows it to expand when flying. This translates into a great gain in light wind power.

The Naish Trip uses patented design features including Power Foil Canopy. This increase performance at different levels and creates an amazing step forward in kite performance.

Evolutive Profile:
The profile's depth and shape evolves along the airfoil. The center sections generate power and speed while the tips are fast turning and minimize drag. This creates a fast flying, stable kite with less back stalling.

Low Drag Wing Tip:
This wing tip geometry reduces the overall surface of the non-lifting portion and greatly reduces drag. The more efficient the lift / drag ratio becomes, the faster the wing tip can move through the air, which allows the kite to be both quicker and more responsive through turns.

Radial Segmented C-Shape:
Radial Segment C-Shape generates the C-arc using short linear segments to accurately form the kite's arc.

Radial Load Distribution:
All wing tips are designed with seams running parallel to the load generated by the flying lines. These seams carry most of the load, and spread it higher into the canopy. This construction avoids fatigue on the fabric and in the wing tip area.

LWR (Light Wind Relaunch):
With all the new options available in light wind boards, riders are pushing the envelope of what is considered rideable. The new LWR (Light Wind Relaunch) gives the rider complete confidence when going out in the lightest of wind. This system lifts the wing tip independent of the rear leader line, and cups the trailing edge for instant relaunch. The LWR works when nothing else will.

Naish Trip C-Kite Water Relaunch:
Auto-relaunch allows the kite to naturally roll on it's side and move to the edge of the wind window waiting for the rider's input to launch.

Naish Trip 2013 Depower:
The Naish Trip 2013 is a kite that depowers by flying to the edge of the window. Compared to other kites, the Trip’s foil profile is thinner, and its Leading Edge diameter is smaller. These two characteristics allow the kite to fly further forward in the window, and get there fast. This gives it the ability to depower quickly.

Naish Kiteboarding Power Foil Canopy:
The Naish Power Foil Canopy has horizontal seam shaping instead of vertical, which makes the canopy looser than with the Geo-Tech construction resulting in a kite that creates more instant lift.

Key Features:
  • Zero Strut Design
  • Evolutive Profile
  • Low Drag Wing Tip
  • Radial Load Distribution
  • LWR (Light Wind Relaunch)
  • Aramid Patches
  • Molded Bumpers
  • Vertical Seam Struts
  • New Dacron Trailing Edge
  • New Improved Velcro Closure
  • Load Spread Wing Tip Construction
  • 4-Line Compatible
  • Turns around the wingtip for quicker loops and turns
  • Power Foil Canopy creating instant lift
  • Low drag design
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Lighest Kite I've flown

Vinis - 9/25/2013

I had a chance to ride the trip at a demo and it was the lightest kite I have flown. This kite would be great for traveling.

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