NEX Straps
NEX Straps

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Nex Straps were first created in 2003 by Jeff Wright after losing another pair of sunglasses on the water. Jeff is a former US Navy SEAL and long time Surfer, Skier, Snowboarder, Sailor, Kayaker, Fisherman, and Diver. At NexStraps we personally understand the importance of protecting your eyes from the damaging rays of the sun, while in the pursuit of Happiness. Our straps stay on even during the worst of wipeouts.

Never lose your eyewear again is our motto and we believe our product lives up to it. Whether you are mountain climbing, white water rafting, or even jumping out of an airplane, NexStraps has you covered!


  • No tail wagging behind when worn properly. It is like not wearing anything.
  • Eyewear can be "lost over the head" as well as down the face in case of wipeout, etc.
  • If one side does come off, or as with the new breakaway sunglasses one arm comes off, the retainer will still "hold on" to the eyewear.
  • The neoprene both floats the eyewear, and does not retain water.
  • Can be worn like a normal eyewear retainer as well, but when you need the added protection it is there.
  • We Guarantee a Lifetime Warranty against all manufacturing defects

Please specify for a certain color, we will do our best to get you what you need.  If not will will contact you.

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