Ozone Kiteboarding Race Fly Lines (2 x 200 kg & 2 x 100 kg) - 40% off
Ozone Kiteboarding Race Fly Lines (2 x 200 kg & 2 x 100 kg) - 40% off

List Price: $200.00
Price: $116.95

Ozone Race Lines are the easiest way to increase performance by reducing drag. Designed smart with 300kg lines by the bar to reduce premature wear when lines are crossed during loops and stepping out to 200kg or 100kg lines further up.

The Ozone race lines will help you get every ounce of performance out of your kite to stay ahead of the pack. Developed especially for kite racing, the thinner race lines offer reduced parasitic drag for more speed.

The Ozone race lines have been designed to allow full flag out safety when using our Race Control Bar. When rigging race flying lines onto your control system you will need to use the supplied flag out line stopper ball. This stopper ball has a larger diameter inside hole (5mm) than our standard ball to ensure the flying line splices run smoothly through the ball when the chicken loop is released.

Also included with race fly lines are a set of special race pigtails for the outside lines. These pigtails replace the standard red (1) and blue (4) pigtails on the kite to ensure a firm larks head connection between the flying lines and pigtails.

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