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Slingshot Compstick Control Bar 
Slingshot Compstick Control Bar

Price: $350.00


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Truly innovative design and engineering with superior safety and performance in mind, Slingshot introduces the COMP STICK CONTROL BAR. Designed for the rider who demands it all! The Compstick Control Bar can be used with any Slingshot kites.

The COMPSTICK Control bar has the highest level of safety and Center of the Universe performance and convenience in the cleanest 4 line configuration available. The clean and uncluttered 4 line configuration also allows for easy and speedy rigging times. Features such as the Updated Butter Box, Trim Grommet, Surefire Spinner, Progressive Line Lengths, Auto Indexing Chicken Loop, Active Stopper Ball and Push Away Center Safety System makes it the first choice for crossover riders who constantly pushing the limits!

Control Bar Features
  • PUSH AWAY QUICK RELEASE SYSTEM - Industry Standard release system and most effective way of release under load.
  • (CSS) CENTER SAFETY SYSTEM - Clean and simple safety, quick and easy safety reboot, flags and depowers the kite from one center line.
  • BELOW THE BAR TRIM - Below the bar safety that allows trimming closer to the rider. Uncluttered above the bar for clean view riding.
  • AUTO INDEXING CHICKEN LOOP - Super stream lined, minimalist and dynamically rigid when unhooked for easy reengagement.
  • 4–LINE CONFIGURATION - Fewer lines to negotiate and faster hassle free to rigging.
  • PERFORMANCE MOTO GRIP - Comfort bar grip with precision and control.
  • DUAL OH-SHIT HANDLES - Redundant safety for flagging one-line on either steering line.
  • 800 LB FRONT LINE SET - Maximum front line strength and piece of mind where you need it.
  • MICRO CLAM CLEAT TRIMMING - Smooth and effortless trim adjustment.
  • TRIM GROMMET - Allows for smoother trimming and prevents unwanted jamming.
  • CENTER OF THE UNIVERSE SAFETY SYSTEM - Spinnable, clean, simple safety, quick and easy safety reboot, deflags and depowers the kite from one center flying line without power.
  • SUREFIRE SPINNER SWIVEL - Keeps your front lines clean from twisting and ensures safety function in all conditions.
  • ACTIVE STOPPER BALL - Easy on the fly adjustable throw positioning.
  • (LONG LIFE) KOOK PROOF PIGTAILS - Easy on and off connection with long lasting durability.
  • PROGRESSIVE POWER STEERING - Custom line lengths for every size bar.
  • SLINGSHOT LEGENDARY CONSTRUCTION - Top of the line construction to ensure long lasting durability and performance.
  • LIFETIME RIDER HOTLINE SUPPORT - Communicate directly with our friendly in house professional customer service department.
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Slingshot Compstick

Birdman Port A - 8/13/2013

This bar is bad ass... It offers a perfect array of features that I needed to roll, flip and ride aggressively. I needed the center push release and the center line swivel... not sure what the kook proof gadget is or the oh shit handles...but this one is ...

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