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Wainman Cruzer 141cm
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Wainman Cruzer 141cm

List Price: $699.00
Price: $399.00


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The Cruzer is designed for riders that are looking for an entry-level board that can take them all the way to a high performance riding style. With a full wood core, this all round board was designed to meet every riders needs, focusing on high quality construction but remaining affordable. The Cruzer fits in-between the unbeatable high performance all rounder Joke board, and the fast and effortless handling of the Blunt board. Similar to the other Wainman Hawaii twintip`s, the Cruzer was developed to provide all the freeriding needs that are demanded by every kiteboarder. In comparison with the Joke, the Cruzer is produced with same technology and similar dimensions, but is slightly more limited in the overall performance capabilities. The Cruzer is a little slower and softer, with less rocker and slightly less forgiveness in landings. When comparing the Cruzer to the Blunt, it is a more versatile ride in the freestyle and unhooked riding category. The features of the Cruzer makes it a great board that can serve many rider`s of many different styles at an affordable price level.

Technical Specification
In order to implement all the calculated features and become the affordable, yet high quality and enjoyable all rounder, the design process was very intricate. Below are the specifications and high quality materials used in the manufacturing process of producing the Cruzer, resulting in a perfect blend.

Similar to all Wainman Hawaii twintips, the Cruzer also has its bottom shaped in 3 dimensions. It features a single, constant concave from tip to the tip. It differs from Blunt in the aspect of rail flatness that result in a better rail control and release. Additionally, it is forgiving for riders on awkward landings (not as great as Joke), performs on sliders and is also a high performance freestyle weapon.

In order to maintain the light weight feature, production cost control, as well as achieve a slightly softer flex, the deck is carrying the same contour as the bottom. Durable ABS rails are full and thick, enabling the board to sit deeper in the water and gain more grip. The board`s thickness is engineered to taper towards the tips which results in the controlled pop when launching airs.

The outline of the Cruzer is made to fill the broad gap between the two other Wainman Hawaii twintips. It is not as round as the loose Blunt, but still it releases the rail easier then the Joke, yet being the Cruzer carves perfectly. Similar to those two boards, the Cruzer also has the “W” tip, that not only refers to our brand's signature initial, but also maximizes the rail length comparing to the whole outline of the board. This still leaves some space for the water to be displaced from the underside of the deck more easily with the cutout sections in the centers of the tips.

The Cruzer is made in a full wood sandwich construction and bonded with highest quality epoxy resin and strongest fiberglass materials that are globally available. The shape 3D of the board provides good anti rebound effect. The ABS rails along the board`s outline provide durability against impacts. The board is formed in ta thermo-pressing technology, identical in build technology used in the Blunt and Joke boards.

All Wainman Hawaii twintips comes with a 2 year limited warranty, ascertaining that it is a very durable board that is well worth the investment.
The strong and minor-scratch resistant bottom top-sheet are matte, in order to provide the optimal water flow and be longer lasting and durable. The deck top sheet is glossy providing a good-looking board and perfect grip.

The Package:
  • Sweet Cruzer Board in the size of your choice.
  • Set of 4 hydrodynamic fins with stainless steel screws with improved heads.
  • Pair of our new super lightweight and asymmetric EVA pads thermoformed on carbon plates with anti-slipping surface for mounting without washers.
  • Pair of our new and even easier to mount adjustable asymmetric straps with stainless steel screws Expandable from XXS - XXL. This is something!
  • Soft and safe handle for those who prefer to feel like bankers with suitcases while walking on the beach. Multifunctional screwdriver.
  • Small accessories' bag to use as a kite sandbag or to carry a 6 pack, once the board is assembled with all accessories on it.
  • Padded custom Cruzer Board Bag to protect your baby board against transportation scratches and damage, to be used at all times!
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