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Trace - The World's Most Advanced Action Sports Tracker.  Track speed, jumps, turns, calories and auto edit footage all from one device.

: $199.00
Represent your favorite kiteboarding brand off the water with the all new CrazyFly hat.  Pro-baseball on-field shape. Fitted cap with Flexfit Tech. Premium wool blend.  Premium embroidery Large CF in the front with Crazyfly detail and the front and small CF detail on the back.

List Price: $30.00
: $25.95
Naish long sleeve tshirt. Black and 100% cotton

List Price: $30.00
: $12.95
Naish short sleeve tshirt. Black or White and 100% cotton

: $12.95
TRACE 3 mount pack is available in black or multicolor (1 black, 1 red, and 1 white.)  Mount your Trace to your Twintip, Kite Surfboard, Snowboard, helmet, or any other flat surface. 

: $29.99

The 2015 Naish Dub offers riders the best of all worlds...superior freestyle and freeride performance with the advantages of a wakestyle inspired design. Designed for aggressive wakestyle riders using footstraps, this board delivers insane drive, edging and pop.

List Price: $650.00
: $199.00

Tear Aid Bladder patches are the BEST patch out there to seal leaks and small cuts in bladders.  The roll can be cut into any size desired for patching, whether your bladder problem is small pinholes or 2-foot long cuts. 30 ft. x 1.25-Inch or 3-Inch or 6-inch Rolls (60 patches).  Note that long cuts (more than 6 inches) or cuts next to the seam of bladder can be harder to ensure a good seal on.  Long cuts are rarely straight lines.


: $89.00

This Naish tool box is perfect to carry your kite spare parts and supplies. It features a removable top tray with customization dividers and large open are in the bottom of the box that measures 15" x 6.5". The top of the toolbox has an easy-carry handle that lays flat when not in use and two removable three-section storage containers that will easily fit screws or other small items.

List Price: $39.95
: $19.95
Built in Switzerland, the Skywatch BL300 is a complete weather station connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth wireless technology. It accurately measures wind speed, temperature, humidity, and measured data can be stored and shared on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or The Skywatch BL300 is especially dedicated to all outdoor activities like sailing, kite surfing, paragliding, hiking as well as professional use such for agriculture, construction, and more.
: $174.95
Built in Switzerland, the Skywatch BL400 is a complete weather station connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth wireless technology. It accurately measures wind speed, temperature, humidity, and measured data can be stored and shared on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or The Skywatch BL400 is especially dedicated to all outdoor activities like sailing, kite surfing, paragliding, hiking as well as professional use such for agriculture, construction, and more.
: $199.95

The Skywatch® BL500 is a complete weather station connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth® wireless technology. It measures accurately wind speed, temperature, humidity, pressure and UV index, and permits you to share your measurements on most popular social networks.

The Skywatch® BL500 is especially dedicated for all outdoor activities like sailing, kite surfing, paragliding, hiking and so on. It is also very usefull in professional activities, in agriculture and on construction sites, for example.

: $224.95
North 2017 Handle pass leash
: $59.95
This is the FMK bladder pull line that is a compact and easy way to assist in the installation of strut and leading edge bladders. Comes in three lengths for Small struts, large struts and leading edges.

: $9.95

The 2017 North Quad Control Trust Bar is identical in design to the 5th Element bar, it's best suited to 4 line kite models where the front line safety setup is steadfast. When released – via the Iron Heart IV - the Quad Control ensures that the kite rests powerless on the water at the edge of the wind window, allowing you time to gather yourself safely before relaunching. With a flowing feel, the Quad Control is responsive, straightforward and reliable.

: $519.95
Rep your favorite kite brand off the water. The Airush Reefer T-Shirt is the definition of fashion and comfort - Only available in Euro XL (Fits like an American Large)   red/maroon only
List Price: $24.95
: $12.95
Rep your favorite kite brand off the water. The Airush Slayer T-Shirt is the definition of fashion and comfort - Only available in Euro XL (Fits like an American Large)   White with black Slayer design.
List Price: $24.95
: $12.95
The 143x44 Naish travel golf bag offers full top opening for easy access. Easily fit your board, two kites and a harness into this gear bag. With wide skateboard wheels, it offers a very smooth and stable roll even when fully loaded. Built in air vents will ensure that your wet gear will be able to breath and dry over time. With an internal board pad and straps, you can be sure that your board is not going to slide around or get damaged. An internal fin pocket makes it easy to find and store your fins for long trips. Two external pockets give you ample storage for repair parts, extra lines or even a set of golf balls, just in case you need to complete the mirage of traveling with golf gear.

: $199.95
Rep your favorite kite brand off the water. Airush Branded T-Shirt - Only available in Euro XL (Fits like an American Large)   Grey only
List Price: $24.95
: $12.95
The Airush Trucker Hat is a snap back, one sizes fits all hat that's perfect to wear before, during or after your kite or surf session.
List Price: $24.95
: $14.95

The 2017 North Clickbar makes powering and depowering your kite easier than ever before.  The unique trim unit enables you to power and depower in precise steps at the click of a switch.  To power your kite, turn the winder of the trim unit clockwise - this shortens the length of your backlines with every half turn.  To depower, simply push the button in the middle of the winder and your backlines will lengthen again with every click.

Shop Notes: When adjusting the click bar make sure the left hand is close to the center of the bar so your kite does not pull to left when using the sheeting system.  This bar is super clean, there's no straps or clam cleat in the way.

: $659.95
The Platinum Membership gives you access to Members only Discounted pricing on products. Platinum Guarantee, FREE Platinum Member T-shirt, Advance access to sales through our Members First Newsletters, Expedited order processing & Free Shipping on orders over $50* (Contiguous US), Exclusive members only deals.

: $80.00

This innovative single board bag design can be used for any Airush surf directional board in a single bag. This year we introduced a new zipless design, eliminating the worry of zip corrosion while still fully enclosing the board. Making use of three side-release plastic buckles, the single board bag is easily to open and close making for extremely easy access.

This year’s construction is extra light with additional padding achieved through using thicker, low-density protective foam to keep your board well protected when on the move.

: $89.00
The 2017 Naish Hover foil board - 130cm is the perfect way to take your foiling to the next level. A flat midsection with rounded edges delivers early and forgiving planing to assist with launching. The nose section—transferring into a V-bottom and pulled-up nose—reduces the potential to pearl when touching down.

: $475.00

Beginner-to-Intermediate Foiling

Whether just getting started or looking to take your foiling to the next level, the Hover 160 foil board is a fantastic and forgiving choice for gliding above the water. Featuring a PU foam core, fiberglass and topsheet construction, the Hover 160 is incredibly durable. Its flat rocker line, rounded edges and generous buoyancy translate to early and forgiving planing. Master the art of foiling with the durable and easy-to-use Hover 160. 

: $475.00
HOVER FOIL, an All-around Freeride Foil.
Foil with confidence with the forgiving and accessible Hover Foil. With three available mast lengths to swap out as skills progress, the Hover makes it easy to learn and advance. A low aspect main wing planes quickly for smooth take-offs and stability, while a relatively long fuselage lends additional support. Once up, the foil situates itself naturally in the water for a balanced ride that makes for easy tacking and moving upwind and downwind with ease
: $995.00

The 2017 North 5th Element Trust Bar year after year proves it's reliability.  Wtih the perfect combination of safety and performance.  The 5th line makes water relaunch effortless; the loaded 5th line kite design (Rebel & Vegas) offer a very short depower stroke, giving you the ultimate control in gusty conditions.

: $539.95
The Alien Air returns to Slingshots lineup as a proven
board for all-around performance and user-friendly
foiling progression. Featuring robust bamboo laminate
construction, a concave deck, scooped nose, wide body
and movable track mounting system, the Alien Air is a
board that will get you up, foiling and having a blast.

: $799.00
Built around our popular Angry Swallow surfboard, the Converter is a one-board-for-all platform that
features an inlaid track mount for foiling and a click-in three-fin FCSII setup for surfing. This allows
riders to choose or switch easily between foiling and surfing with the same board. For surfing, the
Converter is a proven shape that riders love for its all-around versatility. For foiling, riders appreciate
the familiar feel they get from a surfboard shape instead of a dedicated foil board.
Whether you’re a traveler who doesn’t have room for two boards or you want to save a little money by
buying one board instead of two, the Converter strikes the perfect balance between convenience and
versatility, without compromising performance.

: $899.00
Covered in a thick EVA layer, the Simulator is a user-friendly board designed specifically for safer
entry-level foil progression. As you try foiling for the first time, and experience your first crashes, you’ll
quickly appreciate the forgiving feel and cushy padding that covers the top and rails of the board. You’ll
also appreciate the extra length and buoyancy of the Simulator; it will help you get up and going and
makes the first stage of bouncing up and down on the water much more forgiving.
Once you’ve progressed beyond the first learning stages, the Simulator remains a fun freeride board
you can use to practice transitions, toeside riding, jumping and more aggressive carving. The padded
top and extra volume will come in handy through every stage of your progression.
It’ll also come in handy when you’re asked to teach friends and family.

: $599.00
2015 Cabrinha short safety leash with Industry standard push away safety release.

List Price: $39.95
: $25.95
Currently out of stock
: $38.95

Durable, Affordable Freeride Foil: The 2017 Hover Glide is an all-around freeride foil with a versatile performance profile and aluminum and composite construction, making this the most well-rounded and robust foil on the market. The Hover Glide is also the exclusive foil for Slingshots progressive multi-mast Foiling Flight School program. Masts of varying lengths can be purchased individually or as a package and paired with the Hover Glide for user-friendly foil progression. With the Hover Glide, you gain access to the highly-effective Foiling Flight School program.

You’ll love the Hover Glide if you’re looking for incredibly stable foil with a medium top-end speed and a solid all-around feel. It can be mounted on any of Slingshot’s foil-specific boards.

: $899.00
Labeled the “Hot Rod” of our lineup, the Hypermiler is a sleek, full carbon board designed for high-performance, high-speed foiling. This is a board for advanced riders who want to go fast, carve hard upwind and cover long distances. The Hypermiler’s slender outline and aggressively beveled edges allows for maximum lean without the board touching the water. A textured deck replaces the deckpad to save weight and provide extra grip for aggressive riders who need the extra traction.

: $999.00
Slingshot Surf and Foil foot straps. Adjustable and comfortable, a perfect addition to your Slingshot Foil deck.

: $49.95
The Happy Foil offers next level performance in a free riding / free race design. A longer cord length, thinner profile mast, 78 cm fuselage with multiple wing position placement, and a fluid carbon lamination medium aspect wing set will have you running with the fastest hydro crew at the beach while keeping foiling fun. If you feel the need for a tuned ride, the Happy foil wings come with variable rear wing shims to adjust the angle of attack for the perfectly balanced feel.
: $1,199.00

The Ghost Whisper is the newest edition to Slingshot’s rapidly expanding foil lineup. This sleek carbon foil is fine-tuned for all-conditions riding and aggressive freeride performance. As a testament to the commitment Slingshot has to developing the most comprehensive foil lineup in kiteboarding, the Ghost Whisper features a modular design and sturdy aluminum fuselage that allows riders to change wingsets to achieve dramatically different performance characteristics. Buying into the Ghost Whisper foil is an investment in an evolving program, not just a single product. The Ghost Whisper comes stock with a performance freeride setup designed for aggressive but all-around handling. A performance speedride wingset is currently available as an upgrade and is a high-aspect, high-efficiency setup tuned for more advanced riding at higher speeds. Additional wingsets are currently in development and will be released as they are completed.
: $1,399.00
Slingshots Dwarf Craft is designed specifically for riders who want a compact and playful foil board that resembles a wakeskate underfoot. Constructed from a rugged EPS core, with inlaid stringers and a fiberglass wrap, the Dwarf Craft is light and low profile, making this a great option for experienced riders looking for a high-performance but minimalist setup.

: $699.00
Slingshot’s 4’6” Dwarf Craft is a light, agile and user friendly board designed for all-around freeride foiling. It’s constructed from a rugged EPS core, with inlaid stringers and a fiberglass wrap and features moderate front-end rocker, beveled rails, mild concave, foostrap mounts for two or three strap configurations and a sliding track mounting system for a great all-around ride you can dial in to your preferences.

: $699.00
Diamond Boardshorts are the latest addition to the CrazyFly Waterwear collection, which is specially designed for Kiteboarders. For unmatched comfort, we selected a premium four way Diamond stretch fabric with Dobby lining on the inside. Dobby linning ensures that these boardshorts do not scratch and do not stick to your skin. Plus, the Diamond boardshorts are ultra light, water repellent and dry in seconds. The cut has been optimized for kiteboarders and The Diamond boardshorts are finished with custom neon colors exclusively made for CrazyFly. There is no doubt the Diamond boardshorts offer top performance and unmatched comfort.

: $79.95
Happy Foil Board 4.10

Size 4’10” x 20.5 Volume 22.9l

Why would you not be happy on the Happy Foil Board? This multi-purpose, magical ride will take you from smooth sailing hydrofoil action to finned up wave slashing. To be used with or without a foil, the Happy has been designed with wakesurf inspired DNA that crosses into a perfectly adaptable board to foil on. Customize to your heart’s desire with an adjustable mast track mounting system and the ability to rock inline straps or staggered 3strap set up. The foil track is tuned to the 90mm standard spacing and the board comes complete with a FCS compatible quad fin system.

Comes complete with 3 straps and surf fins.

List Price: $649.99
: $519.95
Foiling Flight School is an exclusive three-mast system that is compatible with Slingshot's Hoverglide foil. Designed to take the pain, frustration and intimidation out of the learning process, Foiling Flight School allows newcomers to learn the basics with a shorter, more manageable mast and graduate in length as their skills progress. This is by far the best learn to foil system in kiteboarding. The concept is simple: You wouldn't learn your very first kite skills on a full-sized kite, and now you don't have to learn to foil on a full-sized mast.
: $168.00
Enjoy a year Exclusive access to all the Premium weather station data on WeatherFlow's huge nationwide network of up-to-the-minute weather reports.  With the discontinuation of the prepaid membership cards; iKitesurf and are now offering you a $20 savings on your annual membership.  Just access the link:

: Please call for pricing.

The Chrono V2 UltraLight combines our high quality lightweight materials used on the R1 V2, with the proven Chrono V2 design for the ultimate all-round performance experience.

: $1,975.00
One of the most popular water wear accessories and considered a necessity by many is the CrazyFly water Jersey.  Full protection from sun, jellyfish, and whatever else you could encounter in the water.  Stay protected and remain stylish with the CrazyFly Prestige.

List Price: $36.95
: $34.95
The 1X Overdrive Control System features Cabrinha's 1X security system and is available with the Fireball or QuickLoop connection methods.

: $579.00
The 1X Overdrive Control System features Cabrinha's 1X security system and is available with the Fireball or QuickLoop connection methods.

: $549.00
The Cabrinha 1X Control System is lightweight, fixed length control system featuring Cabrinha's 1X security system.  Availabe in three sizes:  44cm, 52cm, 60cm and with either the New Fireball sytem or QuickLoop connection method.

: $469.00
2015 Airush Vox is a comfortable, stable, and easy to ride upwind board. The Vox is the go-to board for any entry level rider.

List Price: $580.00
: $299.00
The 2015 Airush Switch is the most versatile and comfortable oriented board in the range, enjoyed by beginners and advanced riders.

List Price: $660.00
: $349.00
Stay safe in the water with this essential package containing Aqua Azul water shades, Pro-Tec helmet, Dakine Surface impact vest, and Dakine Half-Finger sailing gloves.

List Price: $290.00
: $199.00
Not sure what to get your kiteboarder for Christmas?  A gift card to Kiteboarding .com makes sure they will be happy.  Our huge selection of kiteboarding gear and accessories means we have something every kiteboarder, snowkiter, or landkiter wants.

: Please call for pricing.
The Ozone Enduro V1 is Ozone's newest all-around kite for performance freeride capabilities across all disciplines of kiteboarding. The Enduro V1 shaping is based on the 2015 Catalyst design with some upgrades to make it a better kite to cross over between freeride, freestyle, and wave riding with a varial bridle geometery. A quick switch of pigtail knots on the leading edge bridle will easy switch between these three flight modes.

: $1,089.00
The Ozone R1 is the peak of race and foil kite performance. The R1 will have you riding faster and pointing further upwind than any kite out there. New air intakes on the leading edge allow for quicker inflation and a solid, closed-cell foil.

List Price: $3,315.00
: $1,279.00
The Ozone R1 V2 is a taking a completely new approach to high aspect foil design to once again raise the standards. The R1 V2 is packed with every ounce of new technology for more range, better handling, more stability, and better upwind and downwind ability without packing on the weight.

: Please call for pricing.
The Ozone Chrono V2 is a new shape from the 2014 Chrono, aimed at being more user-friendly and more freeride oriented. The new Chrono shape has more cells for a smoother profile, the improved air intakes from the Ozone R1, and thicker, more durable bridle lines like the Ozone snowkites.

: $1,799.00

The 2016 Naish Pivot is a smooth, all-around freeride/wave kite that all the riders in the shop have loved this year. It has excellent low end, quick turning, and sheet-and-go power which suits a wide range of riders and styles.

List Price: $2,060.00
: $950.00
The 2017 Naish Pivot is ideal for a wide range of riders and styles. Its ability to turn on a tight axis without an aggressive pull makes this kite perfect for nailing jumps, charging the next big swell and everything in between.  Now constructed with Quad Tex, the most advanced kite canopy material in existence.

: $1,055.00

The 2017 CrazyFly Sculp is a versatile all-around performer, suitable for a wide range of riders and styles. It delivers consistency in all riding disciplines and offers incredible wind range and ease of use.

: $1,095.00

The 2016 CrazyFly Sculp is a versatile all-around performer, suitable for a wide range of riders and styles. It delivers consistency in all riding disciplines and offers incredible wind range. With a re-designed shape the Sculp delivers more hang-time and power, while sticking to its core values.

List Price: $1,925.00
: $876.00
The 2017 Cabrinha Switchblade continues in its 12th year of production as the freeride/crossover kite in Cabrinha's lineup with unrivaled predictability and uncompromising high end performance.

: $1,249.00

As the do-all kite in the Airush range, the Lithium has been proven to meet the requirements of riders looking to do a bit of everything from freeride, jumping, looping and waves.

: $999.00
When you're looking for a user-friendly all-around performance freeride kite that will deliver well in all conditions, look no farther than the 2017 Slingshot Rally.

: $1,049.00
The Ozone Catalyst V1 is a brand new design for 2016, built from the ground up as the ideal kite for beginner and intermediate riders. The new wing shape gives rider sheet-and-go power, great depower, and easy relaunch.

: $869.00

The Ozone Access V6 is the perfect snow or land kite for entry level kiters. The low aspect design is super stable in the sky, handles gusts well, and provides consistent power. The Ozone Access comes with Ozone's new Re-Ride safety system which makes landing and flagging out the kite easier than ever.

List Price: $1,275.00
: $799.00

The seventh version has been further refined and re-modeled for improvements in both ease of use and flying characteristics. The design goal of the V7 was to improve all aspects of the kite to allow new comers to easily enjoy the sport from their very first session. This is made possible by creating an incredibly stable kite, which has constant pull, a large wind range and predictable handling.

The V7 has flatter arc than it's predecessors giving it a wider wind range, this means more power and more depower. The rib spacing has been optimized to clean up the surfaces toward the tip, which sees gains in both performance and handling. New tab positions offer a rock solid feel in the air and maintain quick turning speed with a more responsive bar feeling. The low aspect ratio ensures stability in the gustiest of conditions, delivering constant power and progressive pull. Blow-out-valves on the under surface help avoid damage if the kite is crashed.

: $1,125.00
Returning as the flagship kite on Slingshot's legendary lineup, the 2016 RPM is loaded with exciting and innovative features that will again place this kite at the top of the food chain and uphold its reputation as one of the most versatile and rock solid kites ever produced.

: $999.00
The Ozone Frenzy V10 is an excellent all around snowkite that can handle everything from freeride to freestyle with plenty of power to spare. The Ozone Frenzy also comes with Ozone's new Re-Ride safety system which makes for easy landing and flagging out the kite.

: $1,299.00

The Ozone Summit V3 is the peak of snowkite performance, meant for fast riding, glide-y jumps, and quick mountain ascents. The Ozone Summit comes with Ozone's new Re-Ride safety system that makes for landing and flagging out the kite simple.

List Price: $1,785.00
: $1,099.00
The Summit continues to define high performance and versatility for dedicated Snowkite riders who are looking for high speed mountain climbing or blasting through the powder with a fast turning kite. The fourth version has directly benefited from our R1 V2 race development knowledge, allowing us to improve performance, handling and stability.

The Summit V4 is perfect for progressive riders – it will allow the adventurous to push the boundaries of the snowy backcountry. The V4 has so much potential due to its amazing power generation in light winds but also big de-power in strong winds. Combine that with fast direct handling and you have the ultimate open foil Snowkite.

: $1,435.00
The all new FX kite effortlessly bridges the gap between freestyle and freeride to create the perfect crossover kite for riders that mix hooked and unhooked freestyle tricks, love huge jumps and kite loops.  New 5m size in 2017.

: $1,199.00

The 2017 North Evo is THE all-rounder of the North Kites range, best suited to riders of all disciplines.  The 5 strut design combined with the new Dacron Fram, 3D shaping and updated tip strut design, you're getting a clean profile and faster turning kite than in previous years.

: $1,179.95
The 2017 North Neo is a purebred wave kite.  Perfectly suited to hardcore wave fanatics and strapless wave freestyle riders, this powerful kite design allows you to use 1-2 sqm less kite than you would normally do on other models.  The Neo delivers smooth power and fast turns.

: $979.95
The 2017 North Rebel is the benchmark of a high performance Freeride and Big Air kite; exceptionally smooth, stable, and shake-free handling.  The Rebel has a loaded 5th line, 5 strut design, and a new 15m size for 2017.

: $1,119.95

You can't go wrong with the 2015 Ozone Catalyst, it provides solid performance across all disciplines of kiteboarding and excels at everything from cruising to boosting with smooth, predictable handling, consistent delivery or power, and easy relaunching.

List Price: $1,780.00
: $719.00
The Sculp is our high performance kite which is suitable for pretty much every rider. Completely re-designed and improved for 2014 from shaping to details, it performs exceptionally well as an all-around freeride and freestyle kite.

List Price: $1,899.00
: $599.00
The Ozone Edge V8 is the quintessential big air and freeride kite. The high-aspect race design gives extreme upwind performance and blazing speeds. These speeds translate directly to higher jumps and the Ozone Edge V8 will deliver incredible hangtime.

: $1,224.00
2017 Cabrinha Apollo - High Performance Freeride / Hangtime -  The kite for any type of riding where forward speed and acceleration must be matched by the speed of the kite with effortless management.  Excellent for foil boarding or speed kiting.

: $1,379.00
Feel the unstoppable dynamic force of an IKA registered racing machine. Experience quick turning speed, explosive lift, incredible hang-time, amazing upwind ability and forward speed. The BOOST convinces with simplicity and is our new high performance L.E.I kite.

: $1,599.00
The Ozone Zephyr was the first lightwind-specific kite on the market and the V4 model carries on the tradition of having a massive wind range and being very user-friendly. Quick turning for a kite of this size allows the Zephyr to be a great training kite for loops and freestyle moves.

: $1,915.00
The 2016 Cruze is a dedicated lightwind kite in our range coming only in 15, 17 and 19m sizes. With Flat-Delta shape, deep profile, and high aspect ratio, the Cruze generates a lot of power even in marginal wind conditions. Despite its larger size, the Cruze maintains the agility of a smaller kite thanks to its shape.


: $1,510.00
The 2016 Cruze is a dedicated lightwind kite in our range coming only in 15, 17 and 19m sizes. With Flat-Delta shape, deep profile, and high aspect ratio, the Cruze generates a lot of power even in marginal wind conditions. Despite its larger size, the Cruze maintains the agility of a smaller kite thanks to its shape.


List Price: $2,200.00
: $1,208.00

The 2017 Cabrinha Contra allows you to get more days on the water.  Designed to maximize power production in light winds, while ensuring effortless power control from the Cabrinha trademarked -depower-on-demand.

: $1,649.00
The 2016 Slingshot Turbine redefines the meaning of light-wind kiting. With its Open Delta C profile, five-point cascading bridle system, mini-strut technology and optimized aspect ratio and leading edge diameter, the 2016 Turbine will not only get you out kiting in winds as low as five knots, but you'll have a blast doing it.

: $1,699.00
The 2016 Naish Fly is an exceptionally lightweight freeride kiteboarding kite designed to provide a smooth, yet powerful, ride in light-to-marginal wind conditions. It has amazing low-end power due to its proven two-strut, easy-handling design providing superior turning and control which allows riders to practice their maneuvers no matter how light the wind is.

: $1,699.00
The 2017 Cabrinha Radar is a versatile and lively free ride / crossover / surf kite. Its design is a rare blend of function and versatility with an excellent ability to take your riding to the next level.  The Radar is for riders who want a lively, easy to use kite with incredible relaunch capabilities, that easily crosses over from freeride to surf.

: $819.00
The Ozone Reo V3 is the world's best surf kite. Amazing drift and fast turning are the benchmarks of this surf-specific kite which also quickly relaunches. No pulleys give a direct feel and quick response.

List Price: $2,080.00
: $799.00
The Ozone Reo V4 is the world's best surf kite. Amazing drift and fast turning are the benchmarks of this surf-specific kite which also quickly relaunches. No pulleys give a direct feel and quick response.

: $1,049.00

The all new 2017 Naish Slash is a wave/strapless kite offering a smooth, yet responsive rider experience; it features a lower aspect ratio and higher, wider wingtips for a compact overall outline which makes it easy to turn quickly and change direction.

: $995.00
The Cabrinha Drifter is the World's Number One surf kite. 2017 brings two new sizes:  10m and 12m continues with two bridle tuning options. One tuning option optimizes performance for offshore wind conditions, and the other optimizes performance for onshore winds.

: $1,229.00
The 2017 Slingshot WAVE SST is packed with the same great features that made it an instant hit.

: $999.00
The Airush Wave's unique design has been engineered specifically for the precise demands of the true wave enthusiast. The Wave flies forward in the window when required (keeping the rider deep in the pocket), steers immediately no matter where it is in the window, and sits back and drifts in the turns when more stability is required.

: $1,029.00
The 2017 Crazyfly Tango is a high performance freeride and wave kite for advanced to expert riders. The Tango is a modern open C-shape kite with lots of pull, power and pop. The new Tango loves boosting and floaty jumps with amazing hang time. It turns quickly with predictable power and moves exactly where the rider wants it to go. Powered kite loops come with ease, plus the Tango provides amazing upwind abilities.

: $1,130.00
The Ozone C4 V6 is a bridled-C design that provides fast turning, explosive pop, and excellent hangtime. The Ozone C4's signature is great power through turns and loops with unparalleled responsiveness for freestyle perfection.

: $1,279.00
The 2017 Airush Union has set itself as the new benchmark for the intermediate to advanced rider looking for all round versatility.  The Union features Direct and responsive steering and unhooked performance.

: $1,149.00

Designed for aggressive freeride and freestyle riders, the all new the 2016 Naish Park HD is now in High Definition, thanks to its open arc and high aspect ratio of 4.6. It fuses high performance with easy handling for an incredibly forgiving ride in nearly every condition.

: $999.00
Harness in to the thrill of explosive C-kite performance with the 2017 Slingshot Fuel. Slingshot's longest-running kite, the Fuel is a time-tested, rider approved design that delivers aggressive grunt, unhooked authority, consistent power, massive boosts and deep, powerful mega loops.

: $999.00
The 2017 Cabrinha Chaos is designed to win competitions. Surpassing all expectations, the Chaos can handle your training workload and deliver results. Its aggressive, high aspect C-shape design gives you the pop and line slack you need to make unhooked tricks effortlessly.  For the rider who wants the highest performing technical kite in the Cabrinha range.

: $1,069.00
The Airush Razor keeps the dedicated C-Kite feel and performance that wakestyle and freestyle riders demand. Working closely with World Champion Alex Pastor we relentlessly focused on fine-tuning the performance characteristics, specifically: mind blowing pop, unhooked ability and kite looping. The Razor has great range, along with comfort for everyday freestyle riders.

: $1,159.00
The 2017 Naish Torch offers smooth power delivery, with depower similar to that of a bridled kite, the Torce delivers precision response for hooked and unhooked riding.

: $1,135.00
The story of the DIABLO is first of all a men story. When we decided to start the foil kite program it was only because we were able to collaborate with a state of the art designer and factory from the paragliding industry, namely Mr Gin SEOK SONG.

: $1,849.00
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