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Ozone 2012 Zephyr Used Complete
2012 Ozone Zephyr Used Complete. Includes Kite, Bag, Bar, and Pump. In good condition. Has several repairs professionally done by and the repair is guaranteed for the life of the kite. The repairs include leading edge and sail repairs. You Ride?..They Watch You Laugh??. They Cry..... The Largest Wind Range Ever!!!! Ozone?s Lightwind specific kiteboarding kite is designed with a high performance profile and a focus on weight saving. The Zephyr kiteboarding kite delivers the same superior handling, power, feel and control as you have come to expect from Ozone.
Price: $1,499.00
Airush Sector V3 54cm Directional Board
Introducing the ultimate carving machine, the Sector 54 draws the perfect line between blistering straightline speed and eyeball popping turning.  There narrower design is perfect for flat water carving and blasting, high speed slalom, and optimal lightwind performance for lighter riders.

List Price: $1,139.00
Price: $799.00
Airush 2010 Converse Surfboard

Airush continues its legacy of wave dominance with the new Converse range. The 4-size line offers the perfect collection of performance models for riders of every weight class. The secret to the Converse shape is the smooth outline and progressive tail kick that suit the high speeds generated by the kite’s power, or hollow, powerful waves.

List Price: $749.00
Price: $399.00
Airush 2012 X-Over 129cm Twintip Kiteboard Complete

The Airush X-Over offers the ultimate blend of carving, jumping and control while being the twintip of choice in surf & heavy chop due to the unique shaped ABS rail and bottom shape.

The double concave centre section ensures a smooth ride, with the spiral V in the tips enabling the rider to move from rail to rail effortlessly.

List Price: $659.00
Price: $279.00
Airush 2012 Switch 130cm Twintip Kiteboard Complete

The Switch delivers the benchmark in freeride performance, from beginner to advanced riders. The progressive flex curve is achieved through a combination of the tapered ABS rail, refined deck profile, abs flex tips and the durable multi zone biotech core. The three stage rocker and outline perform in synergy to offer a combination of upwind performance and comfort at speed. The result is the smoothest of rides and absolute refinement.

List Price: $749.00
Price: $259.00
Airush 2012 Converse Surfboard

The pure surf inspiration of the Converse delivers a thoroughbred shape that enables you to ride more vertically, with more snap than imaginable. Developed specifically for the advanced wave purist looking for a dedicated down the line board, the high rocker single concave shape delivers perfectly. The kite specific construction offers significant reinforcing over a traditional surfboard.

The innovative active construction offers a performance upgrade ideal for lighter wind and increased crossover surf performance.

List Price: $899.00
Price: $499.00
Airush 2011 Converse Flytech II Surfboard
The pure surf inspiration of the Converse delivers a thoroughbread shape that enables you to ride more vertically, with more snap than imaginable. The new shapes are slightly shorter with a fuller nose for increased drive in aggressive bottom turns along with a flatter tail section for more speed and drive.

List Price: $800.00
Price: $479.00
Airush 2011 FS 130cm Twintip Kiteboard Complete
The 2011 FS is the result of intensive R&D with our pro team. The contrasting styles of Tom Hebert and Alex Pastor have resulted in range that performs in a diverse range of conditions and a solid evolution in design.
List Price: $599.00
Price: $289.00
Airush 2011 Protoy 128cm Twintip Kiteboard Complete

The Protoy is suited to the rider looking for refined freestyle performance with riding comfort normally only found in a freeride board. The secret lies in the unique double concave bottom combined with the new generation 3 stage rocker and 3 stage outline, these enable the Protoy to work perfectly in just about any conditions. This performs in conjunction with the high level of damping and response found in our multi-zone Biotech core and custom X carbon bracing.

List Price: $699.00
Price: $259.00
Airush 2009 Converse Kite Surfboard 6'4
Airush introduced the first Converse in 2006. This revelation in versatility has changed the way many riders view wave riding, whether it be with smaller kites, bigger boards, strapped or strapless, or with larger kites in no wind conditions, it’s pure surf performance. The 2009 Converse continues to redefine wave riding. The higher volume translates into an ability to run a smaller kite, which means you can ride more vertically, with more snap than imaginable. The kite specific construction offers significantly reinforced areas around the foot strap, top deck and fin areas to deal with the increased speed and abuse when kiting, without hindering its ability in the surf in the convertible sizes.

List Price: $769.00
Price: $379.00
Ozone 2012-2013 Frenzy Ultralite 5m Complete - 40% OFF - Last One
The Frenzy Ultralite is based from the Frenzy design but produced with lighter materials mainly to reduce weight and packing size. It is the perfect kite for backcountry riding, hiking and discovering new snowkiting spots.
Price: $779.00

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