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2015 Naish Orbit Twiptip Kitefboard
The 2015 Naish Orbit is designed with a large surface area and low rocker for early planing and freeride fun in light wind conditions. Lightwind Freeride

Price: $765.00
2015 Naish Hero Kiteboarding Twintip
Delivering reliable, all-around performance, the 2015 Naish Hero is designed to take riders to the next level and is the ideal user-friendly freeride board.  All-around Freeride

Price: $475.00
2015 Naish Mega Kiteboarding Twintip
The 2015 Naish Mega is designed for intermediate-to-advanced riders who demand an extremely lightweight and responsive board for speed and upwind performance.  High Performance Freeride

Price: $1,025.00
2015 Naish Antic Twin Tip Kiteboard
The 2015 Naish Antic is a high performance hybrid TT wakestyle board designed for kite and cable park riding.

Price: $745.00
2015 Naish Global Kiteboarding Directional Surfboard Deck Only
The 2015 Naish Global is designed for riders who demand total confidence for powerful strapped or strapless riding in any surf condition. Performance Wave

Price: $1,145.00
2015 Naish Custom LE Strapless Kiteboarding Directional Surfboard
The 2015 Naish Custom LE are state-of-the-art surf shapes for high performance, strapless riding. Performance Strapless Wave

Price: $1,015.00
2015 Naish Skater Strapless Kiteboarding Directional Surfboard
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The new 2015 Naish Skater has been developed with a redesigned, modern shape for beginner to advanced kiters who want to take their directional or strapless riding to new levels in any surf conditions with the option of riding strapped. Versatile Wave/Freeride

Price: $1,100.00
2015 Naish Alana 5'6
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The 2015 Naish Alana is designed for women who want all-around waveriding versatility and demand total confidence for dynamic strapped or strapless riding.  Women’s Wave

Price: $1,145.00
2015 Naish Alaia 5'9
The 2015 Alaia is shaped out of a solid dual-wood core with a surf design that has been refined for a seamless transition into today’s kiteboarding. It has amazing up wind performance and is sensationally fun and playful. Its performance shines in light to marginal winds.
Price: $425.00
2015 Airush Switch Kiteboarding Twintip Kiteboard
The 2015 Airush Switch is the most versatile and comfortable oriented board in the range, enjoyed by beginners and advanced riders.

Price: $659.00
2015 Airush Vox Kiteboarding Twintip Kiteboard
2015 Airush Vox is a comfortable, stable, and easy to ride upwind board. The Vox is the go-to board for any entry level rider.

Price: $579.00
2015 Airush Apex Team Kiteboarding Twintip Kiteboard
The 2015 Airush Apex Team has a higher rocker than most with full carbon construction, making it the perfect choice for freeride/freestyle riders looking for a premium ride.

Price: $999.00
2015 Airush Apex Kiteboarding Twintip Kiteboard
Suits from intermediate to advanced aggressive riders.

Price: $779.00
2015 Airush Livewire Team Kiteboarding Twintip Kiteboard
The 2015 Airush Livewire Team is ideal for competition freestyle. This fully carbon board is super light and extremely responsive for serious riders.

Price: $1,249.00
2015 Airush Livewire Kiteboarding Twintip Kiteboard
The 2015 Airush Livewire is ideal for all things wakestyle and freestyle. This year, Airush includes a whole new sintered grindbase and new inline block inserts.

Price: $799.00
2015 Airush Diamond Twintip Kiteboard
The 2015 Airush Diamond is the perfect board for females looking for an all-around board that is designed specically for lighter riders.

Price: $779.00
2014 Airush Protoy 135 x 40cm Kiteboarding Twintip Kiteboard Complete
The Protoy is suited to the rider looking for refined freestyle performance with riding comfort that is normally only found in a free-ride board. The secret lies in the unique double concave bottom, combined with a continuous rocker and 3-stage outline, making the Protoy work perfectly in just about any conditions.
List Price: $959.00
Price: $399.00
Airush 2010 Converse Kiteboarding Surfboard 1 Left
Airush continues its legacy of wave dominance with the new Converse range. The 4-size line offers the perfect collection of performance models for riders of every weight class. The secret to the Converse shape is the smooth outline and progressive tail kick that suit the high speeds generated by the kite’s power, or hollow, powerful waves.

List Price: $749.00
Price: $349.00
2015 F-One Trax HRD Carbon Series Twintip Kiteboard Complete
 Trax HRD Carbon board has an amazing Carbon Pro Freestyle Performance - New Reinforced Carbon Construction with Revolutionary Helical Rail Design

Price: $839.00
2015 F-One Trax HRD Twintip Kiteboard Complete
The Trax HRD Kiteboard, has an amazing Freestyle performance - Revolutionary HRD Shape & All New Bi-Axial Glass Construction with increased comfort & control.

Price: $679.00
2015 F-One Acid HRD Carbon Series Twintip Kiteboard Complete
 Revolutionary helical rail design for superior edging, impressive stability and precision, huge comfort, forgiving, easier landing

Price: $839.00
2015 F-One Acid HRD Twintip Kiteboard Complete

The F-One Acid HRD is the ultimate new school kiteboard. Short and wide up to the tips, with extreme pop for better jumps and landings.

Price: $679.00
2015 F-One Spicy 138cm Twintip Kiteboard

The F-One Spicy brings to you an uncompromised Wakestyle board shape developed for bindings.

Price: $649.00
2015 F-One Unik 134cm Twintip Kiteboard Complete

The F-One Unik is the ultimate freeride board. It adapts to all conditions of wind and sea. Comfortable and forgiving, it offers a quick and fast planning but then retains a reasonable top speed.

Price: $639.00

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