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Ocean Rodeo Go Joe
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In Stock: 9996
The Ocean Rodeo Go-Joe is everything you need for Leashless board Retrieval assistance: Even stronger, better, lighter, and easier to use than before. A great idea and an innovative product that is moving from beginners to wave riders and mainstream users. If you don't have one it's worth to check it out.
Ocean Rodeo Go Joe Replacement Bladder
In Stock: 9999
This PKS GoJoe Replacement Bladder is Custom-made to be the right size for GoJoes, offering a replacement for your GoJoe if the bladder gets damaged.
Ocean Rodeo Soul Drysuit - 20% off
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In Stock: 9997
The suit that started it all, the Ocean Rodeo Soul continues to be our best selling drysuit ever. In the Soul highly refined design meets technical performance.
List Price: $899.00
Ocean Rodeo Heat Drysuit - 15% off
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In Stock: 9999
The Ocean Rodeo Heat features an efficient, clean design to deliver incredible performance and reliability now synonymous with Ocean Rodeo's drysuits
List Price: $599.00
Ocean Rodeo Ignite Drysuit - 10% off
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In Stock: 10001
Blurring the lines between foul weather gear and traditional drysuits the Ocean Rodeo Ignite Drysuit is loaded with expedition style features and is designed to be worn for extended periods of time above and beyond a quick after work session.
List Price: $1,099.00
Ocean Rodeo Neoprene Beanie
In Stock: 10000
The Ocean Rodeo Neo beanie cap was made to keep your noggin warm when riding! The single grommet on back allows for small leader line to be attached to your suit to prevent loss if you wipe out. Slim fit adds little bulk under helmets or hoods!
Ocean Rodeo 2016 Chickenloop
In Stock: 10000
Replaces Ocean Rodeo 2016 and newer control bars