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Daily Deals for Today!

Since its debut the Ozone Reo has been a groundbreaking dedicated wave kite. It has been designed solely with the surfer in mind. There is no doubt that the Reo does what it sets out to achieve‚ allow the rider to concentrate on the wave. Its fast direct handling, stability, massive de-power and ability to drift make this kite unique and a perfect choice for wave hounds. It was designed and tested only with surfboards, as that is the Reo’s sole purpose in life. We have had nothing but very positive feedback from riders all over the world, many of whom have expressed how the Reo has helped improve their wave riding ability. As ever, please don’t just believe the hype, take a test ride and become a believer.
The Delta C Shape design, the revolutionary patent known to F-ONE, is the base of the Bandits development. With 5 best-seller editions, the choice of the Delta shape speaks for itself and is known to be a great long-term option. This shape guarantees an easy relaunch, with the auto-relaunch feature and offers a great performance in all kiteboarding disciplines. In conjunction with the EVO bridal system, which allows a 5th line safety system but without the inconvenient, the design is a definite winner. Compared to other kite shapes with great depower, the Bandit’s bar depowers on a short distance, which allows the rider to depower completely his kite without having to extend the arms fully and offers more reactivity.
After winning numerous magazines tests and extremely positive feedback from our Airush customers, the 2013 Airush Lithium was going to be a challenge to make better. Staying as the front-runner in all-terrain kites, the Lithium is focused on being the do-all kite for the everyday rider. Due to its wing tip and strut positioning, the Lithium has a direct and agile feel through the turns, essential for wave and freeriding. The sweep of the Delta Hybrid design of the wingtips guarantees a hassle free and quick relaunch. The Lithium is ideal for riders looking to do a bit of everything, whether it’s your first day, cruising, freestyle or riding waves!
As if making the best kiteboards on the planet weren't enough, Crazyfly has once again upped the ante with their 2013 gear. Still boasting a full line of amazing boards, including twin tips, surfboards, and a skimboard. Best selling boards like the Allround and Raptor LTD continue to push Crazyfly in the conversations of "what board do you ride?" They've also taken their quality production into the kite world, producing the 2013 Crazyfly Sculp that already have 3 World Record under it's belt. They couldn't be happier with the warm reception the kite world has given to the 2013 gear.
Take kiteboarding lessons from the most experienced and professional staff in Corpus ChristiCorpus Christi kiteboarding is the best location in the U.S. to learn to kitesurf because or our steady wind, warm water, and professional friendly staff.  Corpus Christi kiteboarding lessons are the answer for anyone wanting to learn how to kitesurf in a safe and controlled environment and progress as fast as possible. and Prokitesurf has been teaching kiteboarding in Corpus Christi for longer than anyone else and continue to bring the sport of kitesurfing to the masses. Our lesson center has showers, a nice cabana for your friends and family to hang under, and a perfect sandy waist deep bottom to make the learning process as fun and easy as possible.  Come see why Corpus Christi is on the map as a major kiteboarding destination and is rated in the top 5 places in the world to learn how to kiteboard.
We offer Beginner , Hourly , and Hourly Advanced Kiteboarding Lessons for everything from how to go upwind to landing any trick you are working on. 
Sensei Trainer Kites
Pull on one line and the Sensei trainer pops off the ground and easily relaunches.  The most stable & smooth trainer kite out there!!  Named kite of the year by kiteworld magazine, this kite is truly revolutionary.  Pair with a longboard skateboard or mountainboard to have some fun when winds are too light to kitesurf.  The Sensei trainer kite Comes complete with bag, bar, handle, and lines Ready To Fly!!!!! 
2012 Wainman kites
The Wainman kites are different from just about every other kite out on the market.  What really impresses me about the Wainman kite is its super simple and clean setup.  The bar system is as simple as it will get, only three struts to pump up, and the bridle is so simple it seems kind of weird even calling it a bridle.  This of course means that setup is nice and simple, just pump up, tie the lines on and go.  No tuning was necessary, the Wainman kite flew perfect fresh from the factory.  First thoughts when the kite was put up is the kite feels super stable, and the bar feedback is very positive - you always know exactly where the kite is.  On the water the Wainman develops tons of low end power and turns produce tons of power.  This is the first "bridled" kite that I have tried that develops power the whole way through the turn very similar to a C kite.  Most other bow or hybrid kites will turn and then develop power.  Wainman kites develop power immediately. The Wainman Series Comes In the Wainman Bunny 5m, Wainman Gypsy 7m, Wainman Smoke 9m, Wainman Boss 12m, and the Wainman Big Mama 15m. the number 1 repair and repair products website in the United States, has been repairing kites for over 12 years. We work closely with many manufacturers of kite equipment and accessories to develop our sport in a safe and performance oriented manner. Some of the companies we are partners include F-One, Ozone, Airush, Liquid Force Kiteboarding, Crazyfly, Slingshot, Eclipse, Wainman, HQ Powerkites, Flysurfer, Flexifoil, Peter Lynn Kiteboarding, and GK Globe Kites. has progressed into a full service repair and warranty center. For this reason we are able to customize your existing gear to your specifications. So join us in this sport we all love and get out and ride. Here at we can provide sails repairs, leading edges repairs, strut repairs, bridle repairs, bar repairs, and anything else you need repaired.
No Kite Repair To Large Or Small
Kite Bladder Repair, Sail Repair, Strut Repair, Leading Edge Repair, Leading Edge Casing Repairs, Valve Repair, Bridle Repair, Flyline Repair, Pulley Repair, Bar Repair, Seam Repair, Total Sail Blowout, Panel Replacements, Bridle Pull Point Repair, Pigtails, Reinforcements, Foil Repairs, Delta C Repairs, SLE Repairs, Inflatable Repair, C Kite Repair 


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