Richard has been repairing kites for over 9 years now and fits right in with team at His sense of humor is a welcome addition to the team. His ambition to get better and better at repairs and modifying and manufacturing kites and kite parts are what fuels his riding desires.

June 1983
Favorite spot: Anywhere there's wind
Favorite equipment: Ozone Reo, Ride Engine Red Katana, CrazyFly Raptor twintip, CrazyFly Strike surfboard
Best riding experience: Down in Baja in the middle of nowhere with just my buddies.
Worst riding experience: Chickenloop line snapped when I was more than a mile off shore in the waves at Waddell Creek, CA.
Likes: Repairing kites to get people back on the water.
Dislikes: Not riding
Why you kite: Because it's so many different action sports combined into one
Interests: Surfing, Asian Food, Hunting, BBQ, and Shooting Guns
Years Repairing Kites: 8 Years