About Us - Richard


Richard has been repairing kites for over 9 years now and fits right in with team at kiteboarding.com. His sense of humor is a welcome addition to the team. His ambition to get better and better at repairs and modifying and manufacturing kites and kite parts are what fuels his riding desires.


Born: June 1983
Favorite spot: Anywhere there's wind
Favorite equipment: Ozone Reo, Ride Engine Red Katana, CrazyFly Allround, CrazyFly Strike surfboard
Best riding experience: Down in Baja in the middle of nowhere with just my buddies.
Worst riding experience: Chickenloop line snapped when I was more than a mile off shore in the waves at Waddell Creek, CA.
Likes: Repairing kites to get people back on the water.
Dislikes: Not riding
Why you kite: Because it's so many different action sports combined into one
Interests: Surfing, Asian Food, Hunting, BBQ, and Shooting Guns
Years Repairing Kites: 10+ Years

Height: 5'6" - Weight: 180lbs - Waist: 32in

Favorite Equipment - Gear Reviews: 


Ozone Reo V4
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Great kite - Fast and drifts like crazy
Tested Sizes: 9m and 12m -

The Reo is a super fast surf kite with light bar pressure. Turns are effortless and the Reo hangs back in the wind window. The Ozone contact bar is a really clean and easy to use control bar with one of the best swivels on the market. The Reo has a pulley less bridle which I prefer because it makes a clean and small bridle system. If you want one of the greatest surf kites the Reo is it. 



2017 CrazyFly Allround
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Great in Chop and Fast
Tested Sizes: 135cm

The 2017 CrazyFly Allround shaping is based on the old raptor shape with the single concave. This shape has been one of my favorites for years. The older version of the allround has more beginner to intermediate feel and was great to learn or for light wind. The beginners can still use the allroud (we teach on the allround) but CrazyFly just made it a lot more fun. Also the price is fantastic.


2017 Ride Engine Carbon Elite

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Locks In
Size: Medium with 10" Slider

The Ride Engine harnesses lock into your lumbar and is very comfortable. The sliding spreader bar is great for toeside riding and surf sytle riding. Also the ride engine harness is very light weight and has a low profile for better freedom of movement. The speed loop closure system makes getting in and out of the harness quick and easy. Highly recommend this harness.


PKS Pro Flow V2 Mega Kite Pump 24"

Everybody say a pump is a pump, not true for the PKS mega pump. The PKS pump can switch from dual action to single action quickly. You would use the single stage for high pressure like an inflatable stand up paddle boards. This newly engineered pump features a PSI gauge intergrated into the handle, foam air cleaner, new premium extra durable and flexible hose. 

If you have questions or want to know how something fits, just ask.

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