Brant Shiveley

Brant has been flying kites professionally for 13 years. His “unique” personality and skill set make him an invaluable asset to the team. He also has his hands dirty with every facet of our day to day operation. Brant has also been our head instructor for the past 2 years. His patience and attentiveness with students and an eye for the details is what makes him one of the “good ones”

Born: August 1979
Favorite spot: Sri Lanka
Favorite equipment: Cabrinha Switchblade and Crazyfly LTD 132x41
Best riding experience:  Atlantic coast sunset ride with the friends.
Worst riding experience: when you’re stoked on riding and you have a bad valve.
Likes: Nice clean board offs
Dislikes: Weeks at a time with no kiting.
Why you kite: Mostly for the ladies and the freedom.
Interests: Kiteboarding, Paragliding, motocross.