Lee Kidd

Lee has been a part of the team for almost 5 years.  He helps out mainly with sales, keeping the website up to date, and a little of everything else, he especially like sweeping the floors.  Lee has been a big part of the family and is an experienced member in almost all facets of the business.  His preferred riding style is going fast; from freerace boards and quick twintips to foils and race inflatable/foil kites.  If you see anybody out at the park moving faster than anyone else it's probably him.


Born: California
Favorite spot: Every place has its own charm.
Favorite equipment: Ozone Chrono, Ozone Edge, Cabrinha Apollo, CrazyFly Shox, Ride Engine Hex Core and sliding spreader bar
Best riding experience: Any sunny day that's 12-17mph.
Worst riding experience: Freezing water, sharp shells, and a sting ray encounter.
Likes:  Long cruises across the bay.
Dislikes:  When there are no more cookies
Why you kite: The escape: forget everything you know and go kite for awhile. It's like being on another planet.
Interests: Kiting, biking, running, eating, baking.


Height: 5'10" - Weight: 165-175lbs depending on cookie availability

Favorite Equipment - Gear Reviews:


2017 Cabrinha Apollo w/ Trimlite overdrive
5 KiterKiterkiterkiterkiter

Kite Sizes Tested: 9m and 12m

Simply a fast kite - the Trimlite overdrive bar is adjustable for all kite sizes. I like kites that are efficient and powerful, this kite is that plus versatile.  It pairs great with a foil board, freerace boards such as a Sector, and still works great if I pick up a twin tip, amazing speed and hangtime.


2017 CrazyFly Shox Green
5 KiterKiterkiterkiterkiter

Tested Sizes: 136cm

I like a board that has more flex and rides a bit softer. The Shox is a great combination of these along with excellent channels on the bottom for upwind ability. Up until this year I had been riding a 132cm, but I'm doing less jumping and like the extra length for a smoother ride through the chop and more surface area for lighter wind days.

2017 Ride Engine Hex Core with Metal Sliding Spreader Bar: and Dakine Option Hook Only 
5 KiterKiterkiterkiterkiter

Size: Small with 8" sliding spreader bar and Dakine Option Hook

The Ride Engine is one of the first harnesses I tried that wasn't pinching me under the ribs after a long session. It's got great back support and doesn't ride up as much as other harnesses. For the 2016 season I used just the sliding spreader bar, it's great to keep the bar close but the only bad part is having to punch out to hook in or out and it makes self-launching or swapping kites out on the water a bit tricky. For the 2017 season I added the Dakine Option hook. It has a much smoother sliding action and alleviates the problems I just mentioned about having to punch out to do anything.

A few more of my "MUST" haves:

Ozone Kite Leashes
Most people have one kite leash, but I usually have three kite leashes on me at all times; one Ozone long leash and a couple Ozone short ones. They have come in handy in many situations, from handing out to a friend who forgot one on our trip, self launching off of posts and trucks, and corraling gear when self-rescuing or rescuing others.


I like both the Ozone Wet Tech and water jerseys. I prefer the short sleeves as I don't like long sleeves getting the way or staying wet all the time. Bring on the sun and jellyfish, I don't care!

Deck pads and Straps
Whether I'm on a foil board or a freerace board, good pads and straps are a must. I've used Dakine and Slingshot pads the most, but any pad that give some cushion and traction is important on a board for those long sessions.  Straps are are another must have: they help when carrying boards, water starts, board control, and also keep me going fast because I can push the board further out front while riding.

If you have questions or want to know how something fits, just ask.