Gina B
Gina has been with team at since 2015.  Working as the marketing and social media manager for KB, you've probably seen her posts or clicked on one of her newsletters or homepage banners. After moving to South Texas from Colorado, she has found a real passion for Kiteboarding, if you hear cheering, loud exclamations, contagious laughter, and high-fives at Wildcat, most likely you've just met Gina. We can even hear her on the water laughing!

Born:  Come on, you never ask a girl her age ;)...But I'll let you guess!
Favorite spot:  Wildcat Park, everywhere else has sand! Yuck!
Favorite equipment:  2017 Airush Lithium, CrazyFly LTD 132, Dakine C1 harness, and O'Neill Tropical booties to keep my toes safe!
Best riding experience: hmmmm, the day I nailed back to back transitions was pretty awesome!  But I'm sure more exciting days are ahead!
Worst riding experience: I slipped and fell walking my kite down to the water, little did I know my kite was hanging by the lock tube. When I realized it and try to correct it, the PU just slipped out of my hand, I hit the release and my kite just glided down into the grass. Everything had gone wrong that day so I packed up and went home before I got hurt.
Likes: Happy people, dark chocolate, trucker hats, high fives, baseball, snow, good food, and passing on an enthusiasm for kiteboarding to others!
Dislikes: SAND, sharp shells, and the little creatures in the water that pinch toes
Why you kite: Kiteboarding is such an amazing sport, I'm hoping one day soon I'll get to kite next to dolphins!
Interests: Kiteboarding, Snowboarding, Baseball, long visits to the Rocky Mountains, I miss home!