Fly A Trainer


Fly A Trainer Kite:
The Only Way To Learn Kiteboarding

Spending time learning to fly a trainer kite is an essential step in learning to Kiteboard. Trainer kites, sometimes referred to as trainers for short, are a two or three-line foil kite from 1.2m-3m in size and come with a bar used for steering. Flying a trainer is where you learn the basics of kite control and power zones in the wind window. The more proficient you are at flying a trainer, the quicker you'll pick up skills with a larger kite in a lesson with a qualified instructor. Whether you purchase, rent, or borrow from a friend, it is essential to spend time flying a trainer kite and the time spent flying the trainer will cut down frustration, time, and money spent on extra lessons.

A good standard for trainer kite flying proficiency is if you can carry on a conversation with a friend, or close your eyes and maintain kite control flying "blindly" you'll be able to cut down on frustration and extra money spent on lessons.


Kiteboarding is not a sport you learn on your own. Your instructor will not only teach you skills for becoming a successful kiteboarder, but will also teach you how to be a safe kiteboarder Trainer Kites

What does is look like to fly a trainer kite? How hard is it to learn?

All of these are great questions and can be answered by simply watching the video below. Jeff having a great time flying the Ozone Ignition 3-Line Trainer in light winds at a local beach.


What trainer kites do you recommend to get started?

Below are other product videos of Jeff describing a few different trainer kite options availble for purchase, any of which would make a great purchase for someone looking to get into kiteboarding. Directly below is a link to all of the trainer kites we offer, and below that are videos of some specific models to help you decide which kite is right for you.

Jeff used the Dakine Fusion for his demonstration. Here are links to some of the most popular waist harnesses sold by Trainer Kites