Jeff Howard

(Owner / PASA Master Instructor trainer / Designer / Pro Rider)

Jeff has been involved with all facets of kiting starting with design of sport kites moving then to buggy racing and its latest incarnation - kitesurfing. Jeff has taken a real role in the Corpus Christi kitesurfing community.

Born: October 1969
Favorite spot: Texas Coast, Portland, Texas
Favorite equipment: Naish Pivot, Crazyfly Strapless surfboard, and Crazyfly Elite twintip
Best riding experience: Mid summer, smooth winds, riding as the sun sets with all my friends.
Worst riding experience: Anytime I've hurt myself!!!
Likes: Helping others to learn the sport and giving back all I can.
Dislikes: Suck ups
Why you kite: For the freedom feeling you get enjoying natures energy at the control of your fingertips.
Interests: Kiteboarding, Paragliding, kite skateboarding, buggying, motocross