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Jeff Howard

(Owner / PASA Master Instructor trainer / Designer / Pro Rider)

Jeff has been involved with all facets of kiting starting with design of sport kites moving then to buggy racing and its latest incarnation - kitesurfing. Jeff has taken a real role in the Corpus Christi / Portland, TX kitesurfing community.

Born: October 1969
Favorite spot: Texas Coast, Portland, Texas
Favorite equipment: Naish Pivot, Crazyfly Strapless surfboard, and Crazyfly Elite twintip
Best riding experience: Mid summer, smooth winds, riding as the sun sets with all my friends.
Worst riding experience: Anytime I've hurt myself!!!
Likes: Helping others to learn the sport and giving back all I can.
Dislikes: Suck ups
Why you kite: For the freedom feeling you get enjoying natures energy at the control of your fingertips.
Interests: Kiteboarding, Paragliding, kite skateboarding, buggying, motocross

Height: 6'2" - Weight: 165 lbs

Favorite Equipment - Gear Reviews: 

2017 Naish Pivot 9m with 2016 Fusion Bar
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Awesome kite - Very quick, stable and fun!
Tested Sizes: 7m, 8m, 9m, 10m, 12m, 14m


The Naish Pivots are easily my favorite kite right now. It does everything well and is very predictable, stable, fast, and fun. This kite maintains it's shape remakably well and has usable power throuhout the entire wind window. I can pretty much fly the 9m Pivot when others are out on 12's and have plenty of power for anything I want to do.


2016/2017 CrazyFly Elite
5 KiterKiterkiterkiterkiter

The pinnacle of Kiteboard evolution, the Elite is all that and a bag of chips. The full pre-preg carbon cunstruction has amazing energy retention and allows you to pop out of the water with more energy than any other board I have ridden. It is also the lightest and strongest board out there. If you are looking for the next level in a kiteboard, this is the board for you.

Tested Sizes: 132cm is my board


Circa 2009 Dakine Sonic harness:
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Since the Sonic is no longer made, the Dakine Fusion is my favorite of the currnent day harness models.
Size: Medium - Comes with a 10" Spreader Bar

A few more of my "MUST" haves:

An great mount and super easy to install and remove. The Beastmount keeps your camer wherever you want it.


Prerfect for any watersport, paragliding or even leaving your truck at the airport and asking someone to pick it up for you. the Hitchsafe keeps your spare key secure, ready, and accessable at all times


I''m not picky, but the rashguards I wear the most are KB and ION.


If you have questions or want to know how something fits, just ask.

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