Joey S

Joey has been kiteboarding for over 15 years now and fits right in with the team at He joins us after a 26 year career in the US Navy and his can do attitude and dedication are a welcome addition to the team. His riding style is a little old school with a bit of freestyle thrown in. Kite loops, ralies and big airs are his most common tricks.

Born: 1972
Favorite spot: Wildcat, Portland, Texas
Favorite equipment: North Neo, CrazyFly Raptor LTD, Dakine C1 With Option Spreader Bar
Best riding experience: Wildcat, 22-25 mph lit on a 12m, exposed sandbars with all my friends.
Worst riding experience: Deathloop to belly drag into the weeds.
Likes:  Playing in the water or riding on two wheels.
Dislikes:  Politics, Liars, Cheaters. Basically politicians.
Why you kite: The ultimate combination of wind surf and fun!
Interests: Road Cycling, Motorcycles

Height: 5'11" - Weight: 215lbs

Favorite Equipment - Gear Reviews: 



2017 North Neo w/Click Bar
5 KiterKiterkiterkiterkiter

Awesome kite - Very quick, stable and fun!
Tested Sizes: 9m and 12m

I like fast kites and the Neo is not only fast, but it has plenty of power and is stable. It jumps very good and when I want the kite somewhere, it is there. When married with the Click bar, you have a perfect match for speed, stability, and simplicity.


2017 CrazyFly Raptor LTD
5 KiterKiterkiterkiterkiter

As good as a Kiteboard can get, the LTD is my first, second and last choice when I go out to ride. This board slices through chop, drives upwind like a truck, holds the edge and has amazing energy retention when loading it up for a big jump. The pop you get from the full carbon construction is perfect. This board is amazingly strong, I have flat landed it from 15-20 feet and the board holds up and flexes just enough to protect my knees. I absolutely love this board.
Tested Sizes: 140cm is my board, though I really enjoy the 136cm when I am close to being overpowered.


2017 Dakine C1 Waist Harness:
5 KiterKiterkiterkiterkiter

Completely comfortable
Size: Large w/Dakine Option Spreader Bar

I really enjoy this harness, it is comfortable and stays right where I want it. the memory foam and hard shell back only gets better over time as it molds itself to your body. With the option bar, you have just what the name implies, options. You can ride it fixed hook, sliding hook or just the rope. I prefer the sliding hook as the hook slides from side to side with little to no friction and makes going toe-side much more comfortable than with a fixed hook.

A few more of my "MUST" haves:

An awesome mount for the GoPro it gives you the best kiteboarding view. The Beastmount is great because I can install or remove it in seconds and it has no little parts to lose or fumble around with.

PKS Strut Mount

The PKS strut mount is perfect for capturing a scenic riding area or a lot of kiters riding together.

Never get locked out of your truck or lose you keys while kiteboarding!

I like both the Crazyfly and water jerseys. They not only prevent sun exposure with UPF protection but they also help to minimize jellyfish encounters.

Aqua Azul Water shades
I wear contacts and these protect my eyes from water spray and UV.

If you have questions or want to know how something fits, just ask.