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Mutiny 2012 S Series Bud Light Edition Demo Kite
Mutiny 2012 S Series Bud Light Edition Demo Kite

List Price: $1,599.00
Price: $399.00


These kites have hardly any use on them. Some of these have only been blown up on display inside a kite shop. The material is still crispy and will last a very long time. They have all been checked and are holding air ready to fly. Available in 8m and 12m. These kites ship kite and bag only, unless otherwise selected. To add bar/lines must have option selected, to add pump must have option selected. Bars have more significant use than kites. Some fraying to center line and overal scuffs on chicken loop and bar ends.

Fast Turning, Stable Wave Oriented Free Ride kite for Any Rider.

The S-Series is aimed squarely at wave riders, with easy handling so all kiters will love riding it. The kites fast turn rate, large depower range, instant relaunch and bomb proof construction make it ideal for getting out in the big stuff. The S-Series direct bar feel, has enough bar pressure so you know where the kite is combined with easy depower so you can focus on the next set, make it surprisingly easy for all kiters just to cruise on. The kites simple no fuss set up and stable easy to use performance make it perfect for all abilities.

The lightweight 3 strut design keeps the kite flying even when you’re charging down the line towards it and the highly tuned bar response gives such great feedback that you can focus on the lip of the wave and not on the kite.

The S-Series’ aerofoil is designed to be fast , stable and not too aggressive. Coupled with a variable geometry bridle for smooth depower, this allows easy edge control, ideal when riding strapless, and prevents you being pulled off your board when changing direction.

Less Gizmos, More Performance.
Mutiny has used its expertise to create a simple kite with no gizmos - it just works, regardless of your ability. There’s only one connection point for each of the four lines, one bridle configuration and one inflation point. Simple.

Like all Mutiny Kites, the S-Series has been built to last. We understand that crashing a kite in the waves really punishes you and your kit. To help prevent this, the S-Series re-launches quickly and easily. Should that not be fast enough, you can rest assured that your kite is reinforced in all the right places, allowing you to shred the next set!

Less Drag, More Performance.
The Mutiny Clean Kite Concept ensures the smoothest aerodynamics possible. Our trailing edge flow stabilisers, stream-lined strut ends, wrinkle-free, rugged exoskeleton and smoother glued overlap seams minimize the drag even more. There is nothing left exposed to interrupt the air flow or catch your lines when crashing your kite..

Simple, Safe, Light and Durable.
The S-Series is a high performance kite with a reliable safety system, safe line connectors and a bomb proof design allowing progression without the worry of injury or kite damage. Although the S-Series has a huge depower range, your Quick Release will stop it pulling completely and land it gently. With an easy relaunch and no tangles thanks to our CKC you can learn new moves with confidence. On activation of the quick release, the front line flag out system, completely kills the power in the kite, making it a great way to self land as well.

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