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Ozone Imp 1m 2-Line Trainer Kite With Wrist Straps 
Ozone Imp 1m 2-Line Trainer Kite With Wrist Straps

List Price: $140.00
Price: $74.95


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Ozone Imp Trainer with Wrist Straps:

Designed to bring the kiter out of anyone, the Ozone 2-Line Trainer is responsive, smooth, and stable with just enough power to ensure you will be ready to progress to the next level.  It comes in a 1.0M size.



Flexible package:
The Ozone Imp 2-Line comes with the Strap Handles for controlling, which you slip around your wrists and hold with your hands.  A trainer bar could be hooked up to the fly-lines in place of these straps, but the 2-Line trainer does NOTcome with a bar.

New Improved Material:
Following extensive research and testing by our design team, Ozone have sourced an entirely new material for the sail and ribs on the 2009 Imp Trainer, making it stronger and more durable than last Year’s model. Made out of high tenacity rip stop nylon and stitched and finished to Ozone’s renowned high standards, the imp will keep its factory trim and give you hours of fun.

New colour scheme:
The Imp colour scheme has been totally changed and now comes in 4 striking colour options: blue/grey, red/grey, orange/grey and green/grey finished off with contrasting silver logo printing.

Bridle lines:
All bridle lines are now stitched instead of knotted like in the previous Imp. We use the highest quality Dyneema from Edelrid and with the lines now stitched the maximum breaking load is increased making for an even stronger kite.

Flying Lines:
The flying lines are also now sleeved instead of being knotted. This increases the lines strength considerably.

Velcro Bridle Loop:
To reduce the chance of bridles becoming tangled when packing the kite.

Closed Cell Leading Edge:
With mesh for clean air intake and extra strength.

Wing tip dirt-outs:
Linked to internal trailing edge sand-channels prevents any sand or debris from being trapped in the kite.

Hand-checked Ozone factory construction - Utilizing highest grade Oztex 40d ripstop nylon fabric and pre-stretched dyneema control line throughout. This translates to the kite flying in lighter winds and a greater wind speed to power generated ratio and as the kite can penetrate the window deeper the up wind ability is superb. The stability is kept even with less bridling by the use of Diagonal-Rib construction, a method of strengthening the kite from inside to enable less support from the bridles.

Mylar Edged:
Aerodynamics tells us that the leading edge and the trailing edge are the two most critical lines in an aerofoil section. Ozone kites are Mylar taped on the leading edge, giving a more rigid structure, a clean and efficient aerofoil, and absolutely zero stretching. The Mylar tape effectively locks the sail shape, meaning your kite keeps it’s factory trim. For the trailing edge Ozone roll the seam twice and stitch to give a soft and clean exit for the airflow.

Double Stitched:
Ozone kites are double-needle stitched, which is stronger and more durable than single line stitching in the event of the kite being dragged over rough ground. Even the thread used for stitching the lines and sail is UV-bonded, further adding to the strength and life-span of our kites. Every seam is checked to within 0.5 mm; a look at the colour-scheme accuracy and the inside of the seams of our kites will highlight this fact.

Bridle Lines:
Ozone's aim when designing the bridle lines is to use the least amount of line possible, to minimise parasitic drag through the air, resulting in a more performant kite. Kite design has advanced to the point where the accuracy and diameter of the line lengths is vitally important. To achieve this accuracy, Ozone use the highest quality Dyneema lines which are stitch finished for extra strength and less drag.

Attachment Tabs:
The Ozone Flow's attachment tabs are sewn deep into the reinforcement area of the ribs, which means that the load is spread over a larger area of material, thus reducing any stretching and ageing of the cloth.

Flying Lines:
Tested to 180/110kg, Ozone’s heat-treated Eurocord Dyneema SK75 lines ensure stretch resistance, a high thermal tolerance and durability for all kites. Lines are cut, pre-stretched, sleeved and stitched to ensure 100% accuracy. The lines are final load tested to 60% of their breaking strain to “lock” the line and as a final production check. The ‘kook-proof’ colour-coded and labeled line connection system makes set-up safer and completely stress-free for riders new to kiting.


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Smooth Flyer

John L. - 5/7/2011

Got this trainer to get my kids started. Flys really good and works much better in light winds compared to my old B2 that landed in tree ):
To bad it does not come on a bar but i just tied the lines onto a wooden rod from Hobby Lobby and it does the tri...

Imp 1 m2

Lindy Davis - 3/1/2011

Really good kite. Has held up through several beginners and all of the kids. Used for 2 years and still going strong.

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