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Ozone Connect Wing Harness V1 with Spreader Bar
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Ozone Connect Wing Harness V1

The Connect Wing harness The Connect Wing Harness V1 makes riding longer distances a real pleasure, giving you time to relax your arms and maximise your session. The slim-line lightweight design offers ultimate freedom of movement when unhooked with support to hook in, lean back and cruise when you want.

The Connect Wing harness has been designed to comfortably slide on skin and neoprene. It can easily be rotated around your waist when lying on a board to paddle, keeping the hook away from the board and avoiding damage. An open angle Spreader Bar hook allows easy hooking in and out.

The wings Leash Line can be connected directly to the harness with or without our
optional Quick Release, in this case the Wrist Strap or Waist Strap is not required. We
highly recommend using the Quick Release if connecting the Leash Line directly to the
Ozone Wing Leash Line

Replacement Ozone WASP V2 Leash Line. Does not include waist or wrist strap. Includes swivel to prevent tangles.

Can be used on most wings


  • 3m/4m
  • 5m/6m
Ozone Wing Harness Line

Harness line for WASP V2. Wing foiling harness line to help relieve stress on your arms, improve posture and upwind angles.  The Ozone harness line is adjustable using the knot system at the end of the rope to adapt to your reach.

PKS Adjustable/Universal Wingboarding Harness Line
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PKS Adjustable/Universal Wingboarding Harness line.

The PKS Adjustable Wingboarding Harness line is adjustable for length and will attach to wings with handles as well as wings with a boom.

Ozone Wing Leash Quick Release

  Ozone Wing Leash Quick Release. Does not include waist strap, wrist strap, or leash line. Includes the Quick Release only.

Ozone Wing Waist Leash Strap Only
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Ozone Wing Waist Strap (strap only, no leash line)

Replacement Waist Strap for use with the Ozone WASP or any other wing, does not include the leash line.

Ozone Wing Wrist Leash Strap Only

Ozone WASP Wrist Strap (strap only, no leash line)

Replacement Wrist Strap for use with the Ozone WASP, does not include the leash line.