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We carry everything you need for kiteboarding: kites, boards, harnesses, bags, leashes, pumps, wetsuits, wind meters, GoPro cameras and mounts, repair parts, and any accessory you need. All our gear is tested by our riders and we carry all the top brands. is your one-stop kite shop.
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Hourly Kiteboarding Lesson

Hourly lesson with a PASA certified instructor to work on basic riding skills such as water starting and riding upwind. Lesson taught using your gear is $75 per hour, and lessons taught with school gear are $85 per hour.

Call 361-883-1473 or email for scheduling

3 hour Beginner Kiteboarding Lesson

Now that you have become comfortable with the trainer kite, it is time to begin your kiteboard lessons with an instructor. This is the basic 3-hour Beginner Lesson, which is a One-on-One Lesson with a certified instructor. ALL GEAR is provided for this lesson with the exception of water shoes or wetsuits (if winter).

Call 361-883-1473 or email for scheduling

Hourly Advanced Kiteboarding Lesson

Now you're completely competent kiteboarding, but you want to kick it up a notch. You want to learn some impressive tricks to keep your mind and body coming back for more? That's great news, because we have experienced PASA ceritifed instructors to work on anything you to learn. From jumping and transitions to board-offs, wake style, and surf style riding. Continue your progression with guided instruction so you can learn new tricks quicker.

Call 361-883-1473 or email for scheduling

Kiteboarding Trainer Kite Rental with Progression Beginner Kiteboarding DVD
Using a trainer kite before the lesson will get you ahead of the curve and make the time with the instructor much more beneficial. It is something super safe and easy that you can spend a couple of hours to get the understanding of how the kite is controlled and develop the muscle memory of kite The rental comes with the Progressive beginner DVD that will give you information on the sport.
DEMO 2017 Crazyfly Strapless 5'8" Surfboard
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The 2017 CrazyFly Strapless is designed for newschool freestyle strapless tricks, small waves and light wind conditions. The Strapless has a wide outline with the most volume in our range, yet it is also the lightest board in our range, which makes it perfectly suited for strapless airs.
List Price: $999.00
Demo 2017 Crazyfly Bulldozer Twintip Kiteboard 135x41
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The 2017 CrazyFly Bulldozer is a freestyle/wakestyle crossover board for intermediate to expert riders. On the bottom, the Bulldozer has a Quattro concave in the middle section of the board. The Quattro concave shape provides superior edging, comfort, and softest landings.

List Price: $739.00
DEMO 2017 Naish Slash 8m - Complete with Torque BTB Bar
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The all new 2017 Naish Slash is a wave/strapless kite offering a smooth, yet responsive rider experience; it features a lower aspect ratio and higher, wider wingtips for a compact overall outline which makes it easy to turn quickly and change direction.
List Price: $1,774.00
Ocean Rodeo 2016 Chickenloop
Replaces Ocean Rodeo 2016 and newer control bars
Naish Kiteboard Handle
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The Naish kiteboard features a EVA foam wrapped handle for a supple comfortable grip for your biggest board offs or simply getting the board to the water and on your feet. 8.5 inch screw spacing, Screws included.

List Price: $19.95
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