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Dakine Stance Driver
This tool from Dakine was made to replace the popular "Cool Tool", does that and much more.  It has just about every tool a kiter could ask for, and it's all in one handy, convenient, hand held tool.  At this price, what more could you ask for?
Price: $15.00
Dakine Nano Driver
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This little tool is so handy for lots of different sports and hobbies.  Drop the smaller-than-a-candy-bar DAKINE Nano Driver in your pocket and always be prepared to wrench down a loose binding or creaky t-bar seat on the slopes, or put it in the pocket of your kite bag and always have a phillips head ready to tighten down a lose footstrap. Pop the #2 or #3 Phillips head bit from the top of this ratchet and tighten up your ride.

List Price: $9.99
Price: $8.99
Microhook Braiding Tool
This kit includes micro braiding tool, instructions and pigtail extender. With these tools you can quickly fix a braided Spectra fly line on the spot.
Price: $12.00
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