Hydrofoil Kites

Kites that are great for use while Hydrofoiling. This includes Single Strut Kites, Sleect Foil Kites and a few other that we really love to ride whil on a hydrofoil.
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2024 Naish Boxer Single Strut  Freeride/Foiling Kite
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2024 Boxer - All-around Freeride/Foiling Single Strut Kite

The 2024 Boxer is the premier one-strut kite, constructed to be lightweight, ultra-durable, and responsive. This year, the smaller sizes have increased turning speed and are mainly focused on foiling. These kites now sit deeper in the window, giving you a more solid feel while foiling. The panel count is also optimized by size, meaning all kites in the range have a similar feel due to the larger sizes having more panels and the smaller sizes having fewer. This brings the ultimate balance of structure and weight per size. The Dacron layout has also been redesigned to keep weight down. Along with our new lightweight/streamlined TLS 500 bridle lines, the Boxer now flies better than ever in light air. The huge size range from 2.8-16 m means the Boxer has the largest range in the Naish lineup, with the bigger sizes being great light wind twin tip options, the middle sizes being great for all-around light wind riding (surfboard, foil, twin tip) and the smaller sizes excelling at kite foiling. A point which may be overlooked by most riders, the Boxer shines at light wind and down-the-line wave riding, drifting better than almost anything due to its lightweight single luff strut design. If you are looking for the perfect kite to enjoy regular/marginal winds, or take your foiling to the next level, enjoy the most efficient kite in the lineup, the Boxer.
NEW - Swift Tips - The new wingtip construction is 30% stronger than previous versions, while being lighter and using less dacron. The canopy now extends all the way to the Leading Edge giving the kite a more streamlined look and performance benefits such as more direct turning
NEW - Lightweight Aerodynamic Bridles - Our new Boxer bridle system is built from high quality, streamlined TLS500 flying lines. This dramatically decreases the drag through the air, and also through the water, aiding relaunch
Ozone Edge V12 Freeride / Big Air / Race Kite
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Ozone Edge V12 - The Original Charger

The Edge V12 stays true to its original remit of delivering adrenaline-fuelled sessions for riders that crave real power, speed and insane lift; the electrifying reasons that so many get bitten by the kiteboarding bug in the first place! Experience a world of power at your fingertips. Since inception in 2007 the Edge has been purpose built to provide the ultimate freeride experience, capable of heartstopping riding speeds and gravity defying big air performance.

After 16 years of refinement the V12 also offers a handling quality that will supercharge the sessions of any intermediate twin-tip rider, not just the super high flying renegades!

Ozone Alpha V2 Performance Single Strut Kite - 35% Off
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Ozone Alpha V2 Performance single strut design - Freeride, hydro-foil and travel specialist
Designed Light - A Winner in Any Quiver

The Alpha is our performance single strut inflatable kite. It's simple, incredibly lightweight and very effective.  It is a winner for any quiver. The second version offers amazing free ride and hydro-foiling performance for  intermediate to advanced riders while the lightweight single strut design is perfect for travelers looking to save on excess weight and packing volume.

List Price: $1,132.00
Ozone Alpha V3 Ultra X - High Performance Single Strut Kite
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Our ultimate lightweight kite returns? even lighter and higher performing thanks to the addition of our Ultra-X materials.

Revamped with 125 gram dacron on the leading edge and strut with a lighter weight canopy cloth, the Alpha V3 Ultra-X is not only one of the highest performing single strut kites on the market, it?s also one of the lightest.

Perfect for travelling wave riders and freeriders looking to pack more hours of fun on the water, the Alpha V3 Ultra-X has a large range, is very light weight and packs down small.

If keeping things to a minimum on the weighing scales is a high priority, the Alpha V3 Ultra-X is your ideal option.
Ozone Alpha V2 - Demo 8m - Excellent Condition/No Damage or Repairs 55% Off
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Ozone Alpha V2 Performance single strut design - Freeride, hydro-foil and travel specialist - DEMO 8m in Excellent Condition
Designed Light - A Winner in Any Quiver

The Alpha is our performance single strut inflatable kite. It's simple, incredibly lightweight and very effective.  It is a winner for any quiver. The second version offers amazing free ride and hydro-foiling performance for  intermediate to advanced riders while the lightweight single strut design is perfect for travelers looking to save on excess weight and packing volume.

List Price: $1,410.00
Ozone Reo V6 Surf / Wave Kite - 40% off
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Ozone Reo V6 - Pure Wave Riding Kite

The Reo is an iconic model in the kitesurf world, designed for uncompromised wave riding and renowned for delivering outstanding performance and feeling.
Ozone Reo V7 Surf / Wave Kite
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Reo V7 - The Legendary Wave Machine

Two years after the V6 launched, now tuned more tightly than ever, the icon returns in the form of the Reo V7. A pure fire mix of speed, power control, drift and rapid relaunch, the V7's joystick control delivers thrilling sessions every time you hit the water.


The Reo V7 features an evolved combination of design features that will help your wave riding improve. Maintaining its low aspect three-strut platform, the V7 offers super fast turning response with rapid but silky smooth movement through the window and a handling sweet spot that's now even wider in its wind range.

The cleaner and tighter aerofoil has also improved the low end, which is now markedly better in the V7. Luffing later, you'll enjoy even more predictability and clean feedback from the kite across a wider range of winds before the canopy is compromised.

Of course, superb drift and float overhead remain key characteristics that have also been improved.

Any wave, anywhere; this is your go-to surf performance kite.
Ozone Reo V7 Ultra X
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Reo V7 Ultra X - The Sharpest Tool in the Box

For radical shredding in serious situations. Ultra-light, ultra-quick, ultra-responsive and ultra-reliable. Experience the closest to pure surfing freedom you could imagine while riding with a kite. We've taken things a step further and implemented different materials into the same V7 framework. All materials used in the Ultra-X have been chosen because they?re stiffer and often stronger for the intended use. However, like a carbon fibre road bike, the Ultra-X just requires an appreciation for how to handle high performance gear.

High performance levels are borne from the fact that our designers capitalise on having 100% access to Ozone's own factory to try new ideas and then produce as many prototypes as it takes to make products feel just right.

Applying new but proven lightweight and stiff performance materials, tested across a three year period, has led to the next evolution in the Reo's stunning legacy.
Slingshot Ghost V2 - Any Size, Same Price - Up to 60% Off
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Ghost V2 - Versatile / Lightweight / Packable

We designed the Ghost V2 kite to be lighter, more user-friendly, and even more versatile than its predecessor. We have tailored the aspect ratio to provide better upwind reach, response, and ease of handling.

  • 2.5M | 4M | 6M | 8M |10M |12M | 15M | 17M
Boasting a new single luff-strut construction and design, the Ghost V2 continues to redefine lightning-fast handling, incredible drift, and maximum simplicity.
List Price: $2,118.00
Slingshot UFO v2 Zero Strut Foil  Kite - Any Size, Same Price - Up to 60% Off
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UFO V2 - Unlimited / Foiling / Object
The UFO V2 kite has been redesigned with the lightest build yet. Our design team reduced the leading edge weight by 25% along with adding a new streamlined bridle system with more premium materials. Riders will instantly feel less drag through the air, the ability to foil in even less wind and an unmatched foiling performance with the all new UFO V2.

3m | 4m | 5m | 6m | 7m | 8m  | 9m | 11m
List Price: $1,610.00
Slingshot UFO v2 Green Zero Strut Foil  Kite  -Any Size, Same Price - Up to 60% Off
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UFO V2 - Limited Edition Green - Unlimited / Foiling / Object

The UFO V2 kite has been redesigned with the lightest build yet. Our design team reduced the leading edge weight by 25% along with adding a new streamlined bridle system with more premium materials. Riders will instantly feel less drag through the air, the ability to foil in even less wind and an unmatched foiling performance with the all new UFO V2.

3m | 4m | 5m | 6m | 7m | 8m  | 9m | 11m
List Price: $1,610.00
Slingshot UFO v1.1 - 3 meter - 75% Off
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UFO V1.1 - The Unlimited Foiling Object

Are you prepared for out-of-this-world foil performance? The all-new UFO will take you there and beyond as the lightest LEI kite we have ever produced. Built off a strutless design, the
UFO is lighter, faster and more efficient than anything else on the market that's why it's the Unlimited Foiling Object.

We sacrificed nothing and maximized everything when we designed the all-new strutless UFO to be our pure, unlimited performance foiling kite. The UFO has a Compact Swept-C
canopy shape for direct and instant handling, as well as insane range and power control, and an IRS bridle for immediate response. Off of that strutless design and bridle configuration,
we made the canopy out of Teijin D1 fabric the lightest weight ripstop available and then stripped the UFO down to just the bare essentials in order to make it the ultimate foiling
machine with unbelievable handling and space-age drift.
List Price: $1,399.00
2024 Duotone Juice Freeride /  Lightwind / Hydrofoil Kite
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2024 Duotone Juice - Freeride / Lightwind / Foil
As a kitesurfer, you know the feeling, you get to the beach to discover the forecast wasn?t telling the truth, and there is less wind than predicted. The parking lot is full of dejected kiters doing a wind dance. Luckily, you?re packing the Juice. You pump it up, launch it into the sky and feel the power. Within minutes of arriving, you are carving lines into the ocean, popping airs and practicing your tricks. How is this possible? Years of intense research and development to create the ultimate light wind kite using up to date materials. It?s the kite every kiter needs, the one our pro riders go to in a pinch and the kite that delivers the most bang for buck when the wind doesn?t play ball. Perfect for light wind freeriding, the smaller sizes are fantastic for foiling, while the larger sizes have been tweaked to offer maximum power to twin tip riders wanting to perform tricks. Some light wind kites are slow and sluggish; the Juice is a Formula 1 car in a car park full of trucks. The Flex Struts help the kite to respond instantly to rider input, giving a dynamic and exciting flying experience not often found in larger kites. With light bar pressure and reduced drag on the airframe, kitesurfing becomes an effortless pastime where you can forget about the kite and concentrate on the next trick. If the wind picks up, no problem, the Juice?s wide wind range can handle it, and you?ll discover more speed, power and even bigger jumps with massive hangtime. Latest addition is the 14m! The Juice is the kite to have in your quiver to ensure you have a fun session every time you head to the beach.
2024 Duotone Juice D/Lab Lightwind / Hydrofoil Kite
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2023 Duotone Juice D/LAB
The Juice D/LAB is the benchmark in light wind kitesurfing. Delivering unrivalled performance on days when you would usually be stuck on the beach. Perfect for freeride, foiling and boosting, the Juice D/LAB packs insane amounts of performance into every session. Riding upwind in no wind has never felt so easy or assured, enabling you to avoid mowing the lawn on lighter days and instead get on the water and charge as hard as you can. Boosting on the Juice D/LAB is an experience like no other; with incredible power on take-off and ethereal float and hangtime, you'll feel like you are having an out-of-body experience on the water. You won't believe how high and far you can go when the trees barely move and everyone else is on the beach waiting for the wind to come. Thanks to the D/LAB construction and Aluula fabric, the handling is incredibly responsive and dynamic; no longer will a light wind session feel like you are driving a truck; you'll have a thoroughbred fun machine at your fingertips! The control is incredible, with total depower available in an instant and impressive handling even when the kite is overpowered. The range of the Juice D/LAB is what sets it apart, unrivalled at the low end and total confidence at the top end, now available in sizes 14, 15 and 17! If you want to kite more than anyone else this summer, the Juice D/LAB will make the impossible possible and get you more time on the water than ever before!

14m | 15m | 17m
2023 Duotone Mono Freeride /  Foil Single Strut Kite - 50% Off!
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2020 Duotone Mono Freeride / Foil Single Strut Kite

New for this year is the use of lightweight Dacron material and redesigned construction details for a maximum reduction in the overall weight. These materials enhance the handling of the kite in ways never thought possible. While the overall design approach has not changed, we still design to be the best, the kite is very different to last years model. The lower weight ensures unparalleled drifting capability, a much more dynamic handling feel, a mythical ability to stay in the air in the lulls and an improved power delivery from a faster upstroke. Finally, the relaunch of the kite is much easier too; it's so light that the slightest of puffs of wind will see it rising back into the sky. If you want a light kite for travelling, this is it, if you want a dynamic kite with an incredible low end for foiling, step right up, if you are just starting your kiting journey and want an easy to fly, forgiving kite, look no further. If wave riding sets your heart on fire, the Duotone Mono will happily stoke the flames especially in light winds, or perhaps freeride is your game, you'll enjoy the constant pull and smooth power delivery. The Mono may be defined as a one-strut kite, but it is so much more than that, take one for a spin and find out what it is all about!


  • Improved drift and turning abilities
  • Improved power due to a quicker upstroke
  • Better ability to hover in lulls
  • Super easy, improved auto relaunch
List Price: $1,629.00
Core XLITE 2 - 35% Off
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The XLITE 2 answers the call for a dedicated, high-performance foil kite. A no-compromise one strut inflatable with features unique to the niche discipline of foiling. 30% lighter than our fantastic Universal+ Series Nexus, the XLITE 2 drifts in virtually no wind and will stay in the sky even when pumping through a lull.

The big news is we?ve replaced the canopy with CoreTex 2.0 and expanded the sizes on both ends. The new canopy material adds more muscle and durability -a big plus- for single strut kites. We added 2 and 3-meter sizes for slicing up the Gorge and a 13.5m for those super-light summer breezes. It wasn?t easy to shrink the XLITE 2 so we heavily modified the bridle, panels, and shape to accommodate the new smaller sizes.

List Price: $1,959.00
Ozone Hyperlink V3 Convertible Open/Closed Cell Foil Kite
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Ozone Hyperlink V3 - Multipurpose Foil Kite
The Hyperlink is a true multipurpose foil kite, bridging the gap between inflatables and foils - dynamic
and engaging to ride with high performance characteristics.
The third version brings a new feeling of performance and covers almost every aspect of Kiting. Free ride, hydrofoil, boost and float, air style or unhooked, backcountry snow missions, you name it and it delivers!
We have completely re-designed the third version incorporating new technology developed during the design process of our high performance race winning R1 V4 and Chrono V4.

5m | 7m | 9m | 11m | 13m
Ozone Chrono V5 Performance Foil Kite
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Ozone Chrono V5 - Allround Performance Foil Kite

Designed for all-round twin-tip and hydrofoil riders looking to push their limits and maximise the available conditions, whether through achieving max speeds or max hang times!

At a glance:

  • Universal high performance foil kite

  • Newly refined sail shaping for better acceleration and smoother handling

  • All-round, twin-tip and hydrofoil settings

  • New smaller sizes with exciting strong wind performance

  • For experienced riders or those with previous foil experience

Ozone Chrono V4 Performance Foil Kite - 30% Off
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Ozone Chrono V4 - Universal High Performance Foil Kite

The Chrono legacy lives on! The all-new V4 has been completely redesigned with emphasis on accessible performance using the latest design technology and understanding from our highest performance race kite, the R1 V4.

Performance wise the Chrono V4 sits between the Hyperlink and R1 models. Many technical details were transferred across from the R1 V4 to the Chrono V4 providing a similar feeling while being less demanding to fly. It?s for performance orientated Hydro Foil and Twin Tip riders who want a high level foil kite for light to mid wind ranges.

List Price: $3,141.00
Ozone R1 V4 Performance Foil Kite
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The R1 V4 has been derived from the extremely successful R1 V2 and V3, both of which set the benchmark in kite racing competitions.

The V4 design takes it to the next level, delivering supercharged performance while maintaining the R1s well known ease of use and accessibility.

Developed closely with our top team riders, multiple World Champion Nico Parlier and 2019 World Champion Axel Mazella we have pulled out all the stops.
Flysurfer Soul 2 - All Around Performance Foil Kite - 30% Off
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Flysurfer Soul 2 - All Around Performance Foil Kite

The FLYSURFER SOUL product line appeals to all freeriders who do not set limits, like to travel, and want to rely on a safe kite. The SOUL is powerful and predictable from the get-go. It conveys constant, precise bar feedback and, thanks to its Park & Ride feeling, is a brilliant first foil kite that never gets boring with increasing skills. In the hands of our professionals such as Olly Bridge, the product becomes a real big air machine that masters gap jumps and breks woo records. While Theo de Ramecourt pushes his surfboard tricks, Laurent Lolo Guyot pulls fat loops on snowy slopes, and Lewis Wilby takes Airstyle to the next level with the landboard, we go for a relaxing hydrofoil session in front of the HQ. The legendary SOUL embodies the entire spectrum of kiting and is always the right choice.

List Price: $1,749.00
Flysurfer Peak 5 - Single-Skin Foil Kite
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Flysurfer Peak 5 Single Skin Foil Kite

PEAK5... adventure awaits
This single-skin concept combines our passion for usability and security that will make your outdoor kite experience unforgettable. The best light wind handling and backstall resistance let you set off with ease. Be always prepared for emergencies due to its reliable depower and the B-Safe system. After its activation, you can also use the system for self-landing or take a relaxing break at any time. The pack size allows you to carry several kites in your backpack and react to sudden weather changes. This quick turning, ultra-light kite has an incomparable area of application. Choose it as an incentive to make courageous decisions in life and start your next adventure!
Flysurfer Hybrid - Hybrid Foil/Land/Snow Kite
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 Flysurfer Hybrid Foil Kite - Progression, Hydrofoil, Travel, Touring

Kiting has never been so easy! Choose to ride carefree, rely on a crash-resistant, ultralight kite, and progress with exceptional ease. The HYBRID is a playful foil kite perfect for ambitious foilers, sporty families, and determined trainers.
  • 2.5 | 3.5 | 5.5 | 7.5 | 9.5 | 11.5
Key Features:
  • Kid Friendly
  • Exceptional Drift
  • Easy Travel

TX-Light Hybrid Concept
The HYBRID is the ingenious fusion of two foil-kite constructions: It combines the depower and stability of a single skin with the water launch ability, control, and handling of a double skin. The sailcloths feature UV-resistant fabrics, airtight coatings, and hydrophobic properties to improve airflow when wet. The TX-Light is resistant to aging and tearing, and impresses with its high tensile strenght at only 33g/m?. The DLX+ weighs 44g/m? and protects the leading edge from abrasion and sharp-edged objects. Choose between hard and soft settings to change the bar pressure and kite's power with the Performance Tuner technical