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Lifestyle bags as designed to fit into your active lifestyle. From cooler bags to keep your drinks cold to airline roller bags to backpacks and accessory packs we have you covered.
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Ozone V30 Backpack

Ozone V30 Back Pack - Blue

A perfect working backpack, keep all your equipment with you in the comfort of the spacious V30 backpack.

With a built in suspended and padded laptop pocket, it is big enough to securely carry all of your electronics, chargers, memory cards, portable hard drives and accessories while not being bulky.

Crazyfly Backpack
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Crazyfly - Backpack Lite

Comfortable light weight travel.

Versatile compact size everyday travel companion. Has fully padded front and back to keep your things safe. Features a laptop extra padded compartment, microfiber sunglasses pocket and multiple pockets for other belongings.

  • 50 x 31 x 23 cm (36L Volume)
  • Weighs only 0.6 kg
Ozone Kiteboarding Wet Bag and Changing Mat
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The Ozone Wet Bag doubles as a changing mat and is perfect for changing on the go. Changing on the mat helps keep sand off your wetsuit and also keeps your car dry and less sandy from all the wet gear. Circular design has no seams to leak and heavy duty pull cord cinches the edge of the mat to enclose your wet gear. A perfect transport bag for your wet and sanding gear. Convenient to use and perfect for keeping your car clean and dry.
ION Changing Mat / Wet Bag
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ION Changing Mat / Wetbag

You know the feeling after a good session when you have sand everywhere! Plus, often there's no soft, clean place to change other than the car parking lot. With ION's CHANGING MAT / WETBAG you can easily get changed anywhere without damaging or getting your wetsuit dirty. Even better, the easy closure system ensures you can stash your wet stuff in the bag and carry it around without making any mess - brilliant!

Keep your vehicle clean! The changing area has a 3 foot diameter offering you plenty of room to drop your wetsuit, harness, and anything else too wet for the back of your vehicle.

Size - 3' Diameter, Over 7 Square feet of changing area
Dakine Foil Hardware / Tool Roll
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Dakine Foil Hardware / Tool Roll

Stay organized and keep track of foil hardware, tools, fins, screws and other easy to lose parts and pieces. The Dakine Foil Hardware Tool Roll is a necessity. This Roll, lays flat and features multiple interior compartments for sorting, consolidation, and safe keeping.

What is it for?
  • Keeps screws, fins, hardware and tools organized in one place
  • No more searching for lost parts
  • Make a tool set
  • Slim profile slides conveniently into a backpack or gear bag
  • Doubles as manly shaving and toiletry bag
  • Basically, you can put stuff into this, organize it, and carry it with you easily