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GoPro LCD Touch BacPac
The LCD Touch BacPac is a removable LCD touch screen for GoPro cameras*. As a removable accessory, the LCD BacPac keeps your camera as small and light as possible, yet provides the convenience of an LCD screen when attached.
Price: $79.99
GoPro Replacement Lens Kit  for Hero 1 or 2
Glass lens replacement for HD HERO & HD HERO2 housings. Includes 2 lenses and seals, replacement screws and screwdriver for hassle-free repairs.
List Price: $19.99
Price: $14.99
GoPro Wall Charger
Charge up to two GoPro cameras, 2X as fast, in any wall socket in the world.
Price: $39.99
GoPro Wi-Fi Remote
Control your GoPro camera remotely with the Wi-Fi Remote. Access all your GoPro camera settings, power ON/OFF and start/stop recording. The Wi-Fi Remote makes using the GoPro convenient and easy.
Price: $79.99
HitchSafe : Trailer Hitch Lock Box

The HitchSafe makes any kiteboarders or surfers life easier.  Figuring out what to do with the keys before going surfing or kiteboarding can be a big pain but we finally found a good affordable solution that only takes a couple minutes to install.

List Price: $79.95
Price: $71.95
Hitch Safe Cap
Replacement Cap for the Hitchsafe.
Price: $4.00
HQ Matrixx
Introducing the new HQ Matrix kite. This kite has both the ability to launch on water (like the HQ Hydra and HQ Neo) with the high-aspect freestyle performance of the new HQ Montana. In short the HQ Matrix kite offers responsive turning and unmatched lift performance.

Price: $1,349.00
HQ Montana VI Powerkite Snowkite

With the new Montana VI , HQ offers one of the most stable and progressive kites on the market. The new profile redefines the standard for lift and hang time.  The extreme versatility of the kite and the precise handling is a perfect fit for riders who want to progress.

Price: $949.00
AMP(K) Wind Series Overview:
New for 2010, HyperFlex® introduces the AMP-K Wind Series. Constructed with the same top shelf wetsuit technology as our AMP Surf Series, but engineered specifically for windsports with R&D input from our international kite team riders Dimitri Maramenides, Paul Menta, Moe Gould and Mauricio Abreu. The new 2010 AMP line also features 100% AMPstretch superstretch construction, Liquid Taped exterior seams and our W.E.B. Entry System.
List Price: $239.99
Price: $189.00
Out of Stock Rider Hoodie
Keep yourself warm and comfortable while representing your favorite Kite shop. This hoodie is 80% cotton and 20% polyester for just the right blend of warmth and comfort. Wear around the house and out in the cold, this hoodie will match your style no matter where you are. Colors may vary, for specific color choice call for availability.

List Price: $69.95
Price: $29.95
Configure Water Jersey Shortsleeve
NEW!!!! One of the most popular water wear accesories locally are these awesome water jerseys.  The Water Jersey keeps you going during the longest sessions.  Full protection from sun, jellyfish, and whatever else you run into, these water shirts fit loose like a t-shirt, unlike most other rashguards.  Breathable material keeps you cool even in darker colors and protects from harmful UV rays.  Quick Drying loose fit keeps things nice and comfy.  These are our new favorite water shirts to wear on the water.

List Price: $31.95
Price: $29.95
Configure New KB Shirt
If you like quality, simplicity, and 100% cotton, then this is the shirt for you. This shirt is the best way to represent your favorite kiteboarding brand out of the water. It's comfortable, fashionable, great fitting, and will last you a very long time. Shirt was designed and manufactured in the USA.

Price: $14.95
Configure New Rooster
If you like quality, simplicity, and 100% cotton, then this is the shirt for you.  This shirt is the best way to represent your favorite kiteboarding brand out of the water.  It's comfortable, fashionable, great fitting, and will last you a very long time.  Shirt was designed and manufactured in the USA.

Price: $14.95
Keyguard Pro Key Safe

The NEW KeyGuard Pro Key Safe, a division of FJM Security Products,  is the professional’s choice because it offers a product that addresses professional’s demands. The KeyGuard Pro Key Box offers unique features such as the keypad and optional locking shackle. Along with this, is the large storage area which holds keys and cards. These features and others are offered at a price lower than leading competitive lockboxes. 

Price: $29.95
Landyachtz Bamboo Wedge Flex (Squid Graphic)
This board features an upturned nose, making for a more responsive cruising board. The bamboo construction also gives the board a nice spring.  The board features two wheelbases so that you can customize the board to your liking.  It features a slight rise in the back so you can kick your board up that much easier
Price: $199.99
Landyatchz Bamboo Stout
One of the smaller bamboo boards we have to offer. This shorter pintail is great for commuting around and cruising. Light weight and smaller size makes it easy to carry around.
-Bamboo construction gives the board a nice bounce to it.
-Shorter wheel base makes it easier to make quick turns, a great asset when doing any city riding.
Price: $193.95
Landyachtz Dinghy Skateboard
Skateboarding has never been this fun. This is the board of choice of all the shop employees, so put one under your feet and find out why.
-The ideal size for stuffing in a locker, coat check at the bar, under your arm in the grocery store or carrying on to a plane.
-Just enough tail to Ollie a curb, riding this board everyday will make you a better rider.
Price: $160.00
Landyachtz Bamboo Drop Carve

The drop carve is a drop mounted, bi-directional carving machine.  A great all purpose board for riders of every skill level and ability.

-100% bamboo construction

Price: $245.00
Landyachtz Nine Two Five Longboard Skateboard
Designed by Landyachtz team rider Mike McGoldrick for ultimate control during higher speed carving and drifting. Ideal for riders of all levels, easy to ride around town and right at home on big hills carving like hell.
-Drop mounted, providing a more stable ride and making it easier to push and foot-break.
-Rocker shape to provide a unique feel many riders find more comfortable, also making it easier to transfer force from feet to wheels for drifting and sliding.
-Outward sanded rails, or "Gas pedals", give riders a little extra meat to work with when their feet are hanging off the edge of the board. Very handy for drifting or railing tight corners.
Price: $219.95
Landyatchz Pocket Knife Skateboard
Compact and capable, cool and functional, this hot-rod style shape is a total winner. We named it the Pocket Knife because you can do it all and you won't want to leave home without it.
Price: $124.00
Landyatchz Switchblade Skateboard
If you're a beginner looking for an ultra-low ride to get around the city, or an experienced rider aspiring to be one of the best in the world; the switchblade is the weapon you're going to want to bring to battle.
Price: $241.95
Landyatchz Time Machine Skateboard
The idea was to combine the feel of a Top Mount board with all the benefits of a dropped foot platform board. So you have the ability to get your foot placement right (as close to the trucks as possible) and still get a ton of response out of the board.
Price: $234.95
3 hour Beginner lesson
Now that you have become comfortable with the trainer kite, it is time to begin your kiteboard lessons with an instructor.  This is the basic 3-hour Beginner Lesson, which is a One-on-One Lesson with a certified instructor.  ALL GEAR is provided for this lesson with the exception of water shoes or wetsuits (if winter). 
Price: $255.00
Hourly Lesson

Hourly lesson with a PASA certified instructor to work on basic riding skills such as water starting and riding upwind.  Lesson taught using your gear is 75$ per hour, and lessons taught with school gear are 85$ per hour.  A 2-hour minimum generally applies.

Call 361-883-1473 for scheduling

Group Lessons are available. Please call for pricing.

Price: $85.00

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